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A threat? A warning?

As I paused momentarily to read the label, I seemed to feel a chill.  🙂

But I did not freeze, I was able to enjoy the pastry, well, half of it, they were rather large, and all was well the next day when they were finished.

Hey, la haie !

On pourrait croire que j’ai perdu la boule,

sans boule   mais sa tête ne me plaisait pas ; alors, je la refais.

I dropped the ball on purpose and started a new one.  It wasn’t hanging right.


Poisson d’Avril

     Just realized this would be apropos to post today.  I got a sampler of watercolour paper and have been more or less doodling to try out the different kinds.  Here I was using only blues and the Arabic script (in ink) of the word fish.

     An April Fools joke in French is called a poisson d’avril, an April fish.

Some Things Strike Me Funny

The use of gift cards is more widespread in the States than it is in France.  My sister and brother-in-law received quite a few from friends and colleagues to help them in this difficult time.  It is an easy way to give a gift without it being exactly money and also permitting the person some choice in the matter.  So I had the idea of getting one for my nephew for his birthday.  My intention was to give him a bottle of wine but let him choose according to his taste.  At the state store (where alcoholic beverages are sold in Pennsylvania) I chose a card among several  decors and also a folder to present the card on which I could create a credit for whatever amount I desired.  I decided on $10 thinking that would do for a decent bottle.  The cashier then informed me that would be $10.  I was struck by some strange funny bug; no one else seemed to find this humorous, except my husband tonight when I told him the story.

Another strange thing in that part of the world is the addition of fries as a garnish for a salad.  Some friends had brought pizza and salad along one evening to share a meal.  We were surprised to see fries when we opened the salad box.  Then when I saw this on the menu at a restaurant, it was a clincher.  When you order a salad, often you are trying to be “good” but you really would like something “bad” like fries and voilà, you can have both!

One afternoon at the supermarket I was surprised to see all kinds of gift cards for many businesses including local restaurants.  This supermarket also has a program where according to how much you spend, you can earn cents off at their gas station.  My sister was working up to 40 cents a gallon off.  She had received a gift card for the restaurant where we planned to eat that evening, but realizing we would probably spend more than that, she bought herself a gift card, thus contributing to her discount on gasoline!

(Some of what you see here is chicken…)


I need to stop smiling when I’m outside—the wrinkles are staying white and showing up more on my tan face.

I only noticed this when I pushed my cheek out with my tongue.  Tongue in cheek ?

Or else smile all the time so no one notices ?

Often when I am in the bathroom, I see a strange woman.  My husband says this never happens to him.

Picture Perfect – Humor

Sometimes in life it is hard to know which way to go. If we consult common wisdom we don’t get very far.

He who hesitates is lost.
Haste makes waste.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Fools go where angels fear to tread.

A stitch in time saves nine.
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Travel is broadening.
There’s no place like home.

Fortunately we have a clear general direction from God / the Creator / Allah / the most Benevolent, ever Merciful / Source of all that is / Father of the Universe / I HAVE, I AM.

from the Old Testament:

Love God, love your neighbour.

from the New Testament:

Love God, love your neighbour, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

from the Qur’an:

Love God, say your prayers, help the needy, live in peace, do good deeds.

from the Revelation of Arès:

I have been saying the same thing for thousands of years, when are you going to do it? Stop sinning, change your life and the world.


and of



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