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Here Come the Snowdrops



Snowdrops and Fights

snowdrops 2015

I pushed away some debris and found these snowdrops in full bloom.

We can push away the rottenness from around our hearts to reveal the divine being within.

I found myself wondering if I could get into a fight at Walmart.  I saw a couple of women on a yahoo video getting violent with each other and felt that was a pretty low thing but upon reflection, I fear it could possibly happen to me.  As my husband pointed out, even though we are both penitent, striving to recreate ourselves Good, we still raise our voices with each other and it wouldn’t be that far for blows to be exchanged.  It feels like it is lurking in emotions and reactions.  So there is still some scraping away to do.


“…Mary, pregnant with the son, the woman sinner who also defied Me, but who made herself undergo great pain scraping the stains off her flesh, extracting the doubts from her heart, in order to be born again in purity, that woman who had been weaker than anyone else. Apart from her, who joined the spirits that stand in front of My Throne, (who ranks) among the golden luminaries,…

The Revelation of Arès 12/12-13


“Look out for the tempter!  I give you the strength to conquer him, but he is going to step up his wiles and efforts.  Eve yielded to him, but Mary triumphed over him.  Make your fellow traveler of her!  Do not let go of her coat tail ever!  When the snake sees her, it hurries away hissing.”

The Revelation of Arès 37/6


“The angel spoke to her with awe because he can only obey Me, (but) her, I listen to; on her lip I can hear man’s moans because she swallowed her defiance just as the servant holds back her vomit when her King is talking to her, between her nerves she crushed her pride and suppressed her laugh; she found the strength that lifts mountains, she attained the excellence of salvation.”

The Revelation of Arès 33/14



Rise out of the Vortex

“For the Lord has a case
Against the inhabitants of this land,
Because there is no honesty and no goodness
And no obedience to God in the land.
[False] swearing, dishonesty, and murder,
And theft and adultery are rife;
Crime follows upon crime!
For that, the earth is withered:
Everything that dwells on it languishes–
Beast of the field and birds of the sky–
Even the fish of the sea perish.

Hosea 4:1b-3
Hosea- a prophet in the 800’s BC

And you wonder why there is climate change?  Why does nature seem to be more and more out of whack?

When has humanity lived according to our Creator’s will–practicing love, peace, forgiveness, freedom, using our heart’s intelligence?

“…for I have given the princes time to listen to My Word, and still more than the time needed to repent!
Since they have not repented (and since they keep) laying claim to My Strength and diverting piety toward their false works,
you shall establish the true piety of My People,
you shall teach Truth,
you shall love My People,
you shall help the oppressed man against the oppressor,
the despoiled man against the despoiler;
along with your brothers of the steppes, those who do not utter My Name, you shall establish equity.
(It is) better to establish it without (mentioning) My Name than let what I loathe rule in My Name.
This, I shouted out from the hills, My Shout set the billows heaving off Gennesaret,
but the multitude that was listening to Me remained seated.
It would have been better for them not to recognize My Voice,
but to rise as the waves of the sea, as the deaf obstinate waves rushing at the (ridge of) rock that bars their way;
they would have defeated sin, abomination as high as a cliff.
But the multitude that was listening to Me remained seated with their rulers and priests.
I have waited (for them to rise), and now I rise instead of them.”

The Revelation of Arès 28/9b-12
Jesus speaking as messenger in 1974

We can change the world if we change ourselves from within, doing what our Creator has advised throughout the ages, being Good.

snowdrop 2014

A snowdrop brings hope.


Snowdrops 2013

snowdrops 2013

After several days of high winds and heavy rains, this afternoon we had a breather.  The snowdrops opened.  I have realized it has become a habit or a tradition for me to post the snowdrops each year.  Thanks to tag words, I found the dates.  I thought they were late this year, but no:

January 31, 2012

February 2, 2011

January 31, 2010

January 26, 2006

These are linked to the respective posts, but it doesn’t show up as in being a different colour or underlined.  I can’t find where to change what in order for that to happen.



Winter Cheer

Faithful flowers foretelling future fading of frostiness.

Picture Perfect : Movement

There can be movement going on that we don’t see and then all of a sudden, the results pop up, like with bulbs in the garden.  In the winter, it seems as if all were dead, sleeping, but actually things are going on down under there.  These snow drops are the precursors to the spring show of daffodils, etc., that will arrive with just a bit more time, the moving along of the season.

Within ourselves, there can be a movement, a stirring of conscience.  The biologist can explain what moves the bulb, but what can awaken our conscience?  What will break the dormancy of our divine nature, set us in movement to change the world, starting within and radiating outwards?  Even a direct manifestation of the Creator is not sufficient if we do not choose to put ourselves in movement.

“(On) man(‘s head) My Word is the ice crown.”

The Revelation of Arès vii/15

Unedited photo, other than downsizing,  taken today with our Canon Powershot A510.

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