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Let Us Prevent the Worst from Happening

I have mentioned before that humanity is at a time of crisis.  It really is urgent that we change, even though the necessary effects, sufficient results to make a difference on the world scale, will take several generations.  Following are two excerpts (which I have translated) from replies to comments on the entry about non-duality in Michel Potay’s blog. Our individual efforts to be and do Good WILL make a difference.



The sin of sins? Simple. It is a cancer which will affect humanity to the point where humanity will have to await a recreation and will no longer be able to recreate itself through penitenceLife will not have been recovered, but as time does not exist for Life, it will be able to return, since Creation never ceases, (RA xxii/12) perhaps after several billion years, if that can possibly represent anything for the absence of time in which lives the Creator and Life, of which we are permanent atoms, be we incarnated or not.

I was therefore already here before being born as Michel Potay in the 20th century rather than in the 10th century of Hugues Capet or the 5th century BC of Zeno of Elea—the moment of my carnal appearance, my close link with the animal, is of no importance—I was here through the capacity of my innumerable fathers and mothers before me to transmit human life.  The cancer of sin can arrive, bad fruit of the contingency linked to the fluctuations of my will, but when it will totally affect the human capacity to have a soul, that will be the sin of sins.  It will be, par excellence, the evil which will cause suffering both to the creature and the Creator.  That is why the Father fears it as much as we do.  There will be suffering, absence of happiness, terrible attraction towards the initial Chaos without a return to Chaos, which would after all bring some relief, a return to zero.  But no, there will be painful pulling, great suffering, until Creation, continuous, infinite, reabsorbs it to transform it, but let’s not get off subject.

If I have the possibility to change the world, I who am isolated in the world, apparently incapable of influencing it so enormous it is compared to me, it is because I am like the world, linked to All where the forces of Good are infinitely stronger than the forces of Evil, but we must convince the world of this which only laughs and believes the opposite.  Therein resides the difficulty of our mission.  How can that be explained to such obscured brains other than by using the simple metaphors of the Word?

Excerpt from 26jan16 171C86   Réponse


The ordinary people who read this blog must think that we are completely off our rockers. They think so because they do not see that there are two possible worlds, the present one and a changed one.  Observing the little effect produced by our discourse in the street, “Be penitent and you will change the world!”, what can we conclude?  That the world is irremediably blind and deaf?  That it is totally lazy and hypocritical?  That we are in an unachievable Truth? It is by asking themselves such hopeless questions that so many have left us during the last 42 years.  For them it is a question of psychological comfort.

But us, we hold on.  You two are of those tenacious ones.  It is because we need an extraordinarily strong faith that the Father came and spoke Himself in 1977.  It was the same when He Himself came to speak to Moses because to free the Hebrew slaves from their Egyptian jailers was an absurd project, 3300 years ago.  The Exodus failed, it stopped in Canaan instead of spreading to the whole Earth, the true Promised Land.  All must be started over.  But what is 3300 years in the history of the Earth?  Nothing.  It was yesterday and that is the proof that the continuity of the Design cannot be broken and we must go forward.

Excerpt from 26jan16 171C87 Réponse


Translated by djd

The Modern Broad Bean


These tokens are found inside the galette des rois, a pastry that is shared at this time of year.  The one who gets the token, which originally was a broad bean, is crowned king or queen and is supposed to offer the next round of pastry, a means of partying the whole month of January.

I guess I have eaten several pieces over the years.  Not bad, considering I had no idea this existed until I was in my twenties.  The recipe varies from region to region.  My favourite is the puff pastry with frangipane version.

I would not recommend this method for choosing the one to be in charge.  Nevertheless, broadly speaking, modern elections do seem to be more like a lottery than a choice.  Or am I full of beans?




Where goes the n ?

fading n

I wonder why the letter n disappears from my keyboards.

I hope it is not due to negativity.

I would rather it be from nourishing, nubby yarn, new, nuggets (golden, not chicken), nuts, nifty, nasturtium, (excuse me if I’m nebby), narcissi, natural, noodles, nutmeg, Naples, nipples, notes, navigation, nutrition, narration, maybe even nit-picking, names, near, namaste, nur (نور), noon, naissance, nib, nibble, and may I include knowledge, knitting, a knife to pare navets?

Now,….. oh, never mind.




perhaps it is from Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Newfoundland.

Love potion number nine? In a nutshell, nuke that notion.

the n s

If there’s an n quota, I must be at the end.  Nonsense!



More on Non-duality

Please read first:

An excerpt from a reply to a comment which I have translated:

The Revelation of Arès came down from heaven to teach us what is Man : the Child, but not the subject, of the Creator.  Thus one rediscovers a verse such as Genesis 1:26-27, “let us make human beings in our image, in our likeness,…So God created human beings in his own image, in the image of God he created them.” (NIV)  In fact nothing separates Man from his Creator.  Between them is non-duality.  They are One, but for the moment One that is suffering because man is stuck in Evil and suffers, but his Creator, who forms One with him, suffers also.  Hence his Call in Arès.

It is quite simple, nothing to do with the never-ending subjects with no solution that feed the talk-shows.  But mankind has distanced himself so far from this simplicity that he loathes to return to it, being accustomed to and even finding pleasure in the intellectual complications which lead nowhere but satisfy his pride.  We see this by the reactions of those we meet in our mission.

We must proceed to completely rearrange the world’s ideas by simplifying them…to the extreme.  One thing counts: Be Good!  All the rest feeds publishers, radio and television programs, conversation, etc., but is not of any use.

13jan16 171C57  Réponse



Nothing is in the Bag Yet

tote bag

I made this bag, I’m not sure why, I already have several bags.  The pattern was free from Lion Brands yarn.  It is called Trenton Tote.  I should have done 2 more rounds on the handles but the provender ran out.  My bag weighs 146 grams so maybe you would want to figure 150 at least.  I used some yarn that I had instead of their cotton.