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Picture Perfect : Quirky

Two perfectly normal tomatoes from my garden.  I am probably the quirky one for growing some twelve different varieties.  Who decides what is the norm, what is quirky?  Isn’t quirky just an aspect of creativity?  Wondering what this word would be in French, I checked my bilingual dictionary—it said “excentrique”.  Out from the center.  Picturing a target with lots of holes around the middle and more sparsely distributed towards the edges.  Then for some quirky reason I think–and the universe?  The Creator makes new suns all the time.  Maybe there are some we would find quirky?

Quirks and quarks and quickening.  Let’s move from a belly-button focus towards the heart, giving life to our spiritual nature, radiating universal love.


“The brother kisses My Lip (when he) kisses the lip of man, the lip (from which) the pus (or) the worm comes out (and) the lip (which) conceals the fishing-hook (alike) ; the brother kisses (them)(because from) the manure the garden comes out.
My Eye does not see My Foot ;
(from) My Hand to My Hand
I run ;
the wind wears away a thousand mountains,
I am not back yet ;
bear Mikal (away).
(The day) the sun (is scattered like) feathers of pavo
(still) run (and meantime) I make a thousand (new) suns.”

The Revelation of Arès XXII/8-12



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What is this reptile-type thing?

I saw this out by the garage a short while ago.  It is about 6 inches long.  Does anyone know what it might be?  You can click on the image to see it better.

Picture Perfect : Liquid

The sea along the western coast of Brittany yesterday afternoon


“My Shout set the billows heaving off Gennesaret, but the multitude that was listening to Me remained seated.
It would have been better for them not to recognize My Voice,
but to rise as the waves of the sea,
as the deaf obstinate waves rushing at the (ridge of) rock that bars their way ;
(so) they would have defeated sin, abomination as high as a cliff.
But the multitude that was listening to Me remained seated with their rulers and priests.
have waited (for them to rise),
and now
I rise instead of them.”

The Revelation of Arès 28/11b-12

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Random Thoughts and Notes iii

Sometimes the gardener wonders what happens to plants…


One night I woke up and looked at the clock; it was 23:41.  Oh, I thought, it’s still yesterday.

How can bath towels get stinky when they are only used to dry a clean body?

I did a good job washing my car, even the bits you tell a boy to do in case his date wears a dress.  I don’t know if my friends will be wearing dresses, but we have signed up for an outdoor watercolour workshop tomorrow.  I wanted the car to be at least halfway decent.

There are phrases that are commonplace, yet I wonder do we really hear what we are saying?  Like “war crimes”—is there a part of war that isn’t a crime?  “Rules of engagement, laws of war”—OK, we’ve decided we’re going to do horrible things, but not too horrible, you know, there’s a limit to our horribility, let’s say we can kill this way, but not that way, and these ones but not those ones, hey!–you broke the rules!

Who are we fooling?  Am I the only one that sees this as blatant lying?

A Blueberry

Wanna’ share a blueberry?

We did. 

P.S. I have big hands.

Picture Perfect : Shiny

Shiny for me today is wet paint.


I found myself in a room of blinding whiteness wondering how we can think, could ever have thought, that the shedding of blood could bring purity, peace.


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I took this with my left hand (non-dominant) and cropped some because I wanted more of a square shape.

Security Malfunction

My burglar alarm keeps getting turned off.

There, that’s better.

You may or may not recognize our front door here.

I couldn’t figure out why the camera was doing a 12 second exposure, then it went up to 13 and I realized it had stayed on the video setting (not shown).  Then it occurred to me that holding the camera at arm’s length was a good way to get a blurry picture (shown) so I got out the tripod but it was too low so I put it on a chair but that was wobbly and very difficult to adjust.  Finally I got up on the chair myself.  Why didn’t I think of that in the first place!

One can find lessons in everything.  Here I reflect that some of my settings probably need changed, that it is not instantaneously we find solutions, but need to keep trying, experimenting, working to change ourselves and build a better world.