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Mandala liii – 10″ square


“…humanity’s angelity, its be-all end-all, its quintessence, its treasure; it is, beyond all possible organization or solitude, the ensemble, of which the members may know each other or more often, not know each other, of all those who love their neighbour, that is to say everyone, and who love without thinking– Don’t think about it! Love! –because if you think about it, you will find “valid” reasons not to love certain persons–, of all those who forgive offenses—Don’t think about it! Forgive! Everything, otherwise you leave open a passageway towards never-ending revenge!–, of all those who make peace—Don’t think about it! Make peace! With everyone!–,of all those who have intelligence of the heart—Here don’t think too much, otherwise you will always find reasons to give preference to intellectual intelligence… Here we are in the heart of measure!–, and of all those who free themselves from all prejudice, who break the chains of habitual thinking and judging, the chains of preconception, partiality, preconceived notions, taking sides. The Assembly is this loving humanity, without a name, no address, no telephone, no publicity, that never dies for it is made of souls and all those souls together make up the polone.” 18déc20 225C34 Réponse

“Spiritual intelligence will probably be something longer to acquire than love, because love is still more or less present in novels, songs, films, the theater, charity, etc., even if not in the absolute evangelical state that the Father expects us to give to the world, whereas the intelligence of the heart free from all prejudice almost no longer exists in the world where morals, rules, laws, “rights”, have falsified it everywhere, except for a few individuals (the gander RA xxxvi/3) who certainly left a good souvenir, but not the least practical trace… at least not to my knowledge.

Where is the intelligence in executing a murderer by hanging or beheading or by injecting a deadly fluid? What in that way makes Evil retreat? Nothing. It is nothing more than an intelligence of revenge (RA 27/9). Spiritual intelligence begins with the wisdom which says that any evil person can change, can be recuperated and that, in any case, one must bring to every human brother a part of oneself and in particular, to love them, because not he alone is sin-sick, but the whole of humanity.” 19déc20 225C40  Réponse


Translated by djd

RA=The Revelation of Arès

A Morning Prayer

Saying this over before I go to the store should help.  🙂

Do I care for you?

I am finding it hard to believe that some people would feel better if I uselessly semi-asphyxiate myself by wearing a mask.  Perhaps I should mention that I am no longer a virgin and sacrificing me to your gods will be of no avail.  Who are the gods of today, the idols?  To whom do people turn for guidance, for help?  To the government which is more interested in their power than our well-being?  To the media which is censured and paid by those who can or will in fear of those who have power and wealth?  To science which is mostly theory, theories which sometimes hold up and sometimes don’t?  If science were truth, then they would all be of one accord.

I am sad to see people living in such fear.  I don’t know why all of a sudden, we are in fear of this specific virus.  The total death toll from all causes has not increased.  People die all the time.  Lots of misfortune can befall us.  I am more worried about someone looking at their phone and running me over than I am about a virus, even though it was perhaps designed to be a bio-weapon.  I am more worried that some think it is OK to design bio-weapons.  I am worried about those who are losing their livelihood, their sanity, their specific nature which makes them human rather than just a thinking animal.

All of our actions have consequences.  When we do Good (this is more than charitable deeds and giving), it radiates, spreading Good in all directions.  When we do Evil, it ricochets, falling on guilty and innocent alike.  The only solution is long term.  We must each individually decide to change, to be and do Good, to love, forgive, make peace, to free ourselves from prejudice and being judgmental, from seeking revenge …..  If we turn and walk in that direction, Evil will disappear.  There is no need to attack anyone, just encourage all in the direction of Good.  We will see very few immediate results.  We have been degenerating since Adam.  It will take some time to re-create ourselves as we were meant to be.  We will not get rid of illness, suffering, death in our lifetime; this is for the future of humanity.  It is an effort but one that I am willing to undertake as best I can (no, I am not a saint either).  That is how I show I care for others.  Not by a face-covering which lets pass viruses as well as air.

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Some Things Need Fixed

It started with a sachet from a pastry shop.  The motif caught my eye, but the truth of the matter was “not quite right”.  While one can often find pleasure in eating good food, it is not really an inexhaustible source of Happiness.

I wondered if I could find the letters for the word love (amour) in “gourmandise” since that is the true source of real happiness.  Yes, I did.  Then I filled the holes with hearts.  I also had a bit of a donut box I brought back from the States; “share jelly donuts” had tickled me right away.  This orange must be an international choice of colour for gourmandise.


This reminds me of the work to be done on oneself, changing so as to be loving and thus transforming the world.  I modified the word “compostable” to read” réalisable” because it is entirely possible.

A touch of Le Rustique, an orange one that comes with Muenster cheese.  Hmmm, Muenster with jelly donuts, how would that be?

I have been having fun with mixed media lately, often inspired by LorriMarie Jenkins.




Towards a Truly Happy, Truly New Year

This poster was created by Eric D. and published in comment 05jan19 203C98



Following is a translation of part of the reply to this comment.  Translation of the poster at the end.


…”Your poster, over which flies a large white bird, exalts immaterial forces, despised by our age of heavy materialism, forgotten interior forces that we must awaken in order to rejoin the Father’s Power (RA 12/4), which are love, forgiveness, peace, the heart’s intelligence free from all prejudice, in the background a sun rising over humanity’s tempest, these blue-gray waves that have been trying to drown our inner powers for centuries.  This poster evokes for me the resurrection of love and absolute freedom so finely exalted by the Sermon on the Mount and that the Nicene Council replaced with the invention of the trinity—a god with three heads (RA 23/7)—and redemption by the cross, woolly myths no more menacing for Constantine’s imperial domination than Santa Clauses or Olympian fairies, while the activities of love, forgiveness, non-judgment, liberty, would have given the basic citizens a superior power since it would enable reaching the Power of the Most High.

From that point were sent to the desert or behind monastery walls, which were in fact prisons, those who kept up within themselves those powers, the image and likeness of the Creator (Genesis 1/26).  As for us, the Father brings us out of the virtual desert or monasteries of faith, He causes us to emerge like spume from the tempest blown unceasingly on humanity by the powers in place so as to better dominate it.  We cause to spring forth this impalpable treasure of love and absolute liberty like a sword and it is the Father’s Arm that lifts it (RA 35/14) over the world.”


Poster: Return of Good Sanctity Power Penitence and Light

Happy New Year 2019


Forgiveness Peace

Intelligence of the heart

Free from all prejudice


The rising of a dawn over a new humanity is the goal of penitence, action of changing one’s life (RA 30/11) and the world to Good. The truth is the world must change (RA 28/7).


Translated by djd




Beyond opposition

…”Even those who understand that evil will not be conquered by opposing one opinion to another, one belief to another, one religion to another, one side of politics to another, etc., but love of all by all must be established, are afraid as soon as they are asked to become other than everyone else and to resolutely become men and women of Good, men and women seeking Life so as to escape from this life of cowards or addled-brains.”…

excerpt from the reply to comment 28fev18 193C61


Translated by djd



Excerpt from a comment 06jan18 192C56



…If one can be certain of brother Michel’s faith and hope, what about his power?  With this question one can understand the relative lack of success of The Revelation of Arès.  We find ourselves back with the same problem as the Sermon on the Mount.  Are we going to adopt a theory from someone who takes punches without responding although he has the strength of a carpenter?…


Excerpt from the reply:

…And now for power!  Jesus could not, I cannot, as God can, extend a hand towards space, set the limits of infinity and say, “Let a thousand suns be!” and a thousand suns are!  Only God can do that and God… we don’t know what He is.  But I, human, the image and likeness of the Father (Genesis 1/26), a very small scale model of the Father, I can extend my will, make it envelope my whole being, force within myself a determination of my existence and say to myself, “From now on, you will be penitent, an apostle of the Father, an artisan of Good in this world; you will change your life (RA 30/11) and in doing so, you will participate in changing the world (RA 28/7),” that I can do, it’s my own power, my atom of power like I am an atom of God, of All That Is.  That is what we are talking about when we evoke the spiritual power of mankind.  We are not speaking about a material force, but rather an intangible force, the force of one’s willSO THAT WE DO YOUR WILL (RA 12/4).

We think we evolve in a world of things and forces that are precise, scientific, psychological, measurable, but that is not true.  Mankind is in a nature of associations that are vague, derivative, immaterial, one of the aspects that differentiates it from animals and vegetation.

Every morning I say to my spouse, “I love you,” but I am incapable of explaining the inner rush that I feel when I tell her that, incapable of saying why if she were to die there in front of me, I think I would die with her, incapable of telling her why our lives are joined to such a degree.  She feels the same, perhaps even stronger.  This love force is a power.  Between us and those around us there are significant forces which we are incapable of knowing in a rational way.  But these forces exist.  That is where one will find our power.

Translated by djd

RA=The Revelation of Arès

Deep Cause of Terrorism

“The deep cause of Muslim terrorism is not religious. It’s hate for western civilisation.

But this problem is replicated by another: We westerners don’t love ourselves either.  Our missionaries are quite conscious of this reason buried deeply beneath other arguments.  The people they meet don’t love themselves/each other, don’t expect much from themselves, in other words there is a painful general apathy.  Should I say a general depression?  …  I am going to tell you why they feel this disgust or general apathy.  It’s because they have completely lost sight that mankind has a much greater need for grandeur, interior beauty (RA 12/3), superior ideals, magnificent, of heroism (RA xxxv/4-12), love for one’s neighbour, forgiveness, true freedom, than for social security.  That is what The Revelation of Arès reintroduces into our minds and that is what we seek to reintroduce to the public mind by assembling a small remnant (24/1) of heroes who go into the streets to remind humanity of this.  Yes, we must fish out our beautiful ideals, particularly those of The Sermon on the Mount, from the gutters and sewage pipes where they have been abandoned.”

Excerpt from the reply to 12sep17 188C158 


Translated by djd

The Key to Good in the World

In His immense Wisdom, with The Revelation of Arès, the Father gives us a very simple key: penitence, to unlock the door that will permit Good to enter the world.  Perhaps we do not insist enough on this simplicity as realization of His Design.  Mankind expects the complications and obscurities of the legal system—laws are the base of the legal system and there are so many, even jurists are becoming lost.  Man has in his heart, in love, the code which enables him to put away in a closet all legal codes.

We must awaken love, make a hole in the indifference, coldness, laziness, ice…prelude to frozen specters…so that Good, too far removed, may return.  What has man become?  Not only condemned to die—each of us is, only the moment of execution varies—but miserable, hungry for peace and happiness yet incapable of giving himself that peace and happiness.  Everything becomes quite complicated in this world, so much so that this complication agitates and derails the mind, prevents the fulfillment so necessary to happiness.  I was having lunch a short while ago with my grandchildren and I said to myself: they are preparing their baccalaureate exams, soon they will enter institutions of higher education, and the worries of life will begin.  The preparation of peace, the solution to the worries, is in the love they will give, because one only receives love if one gives love.

excerpt from  http://michelpotayblog.net/182.html/182SeindAbraham-comments-french.html

27fev17 182C21  extrait du réponse

Translated by djd

Love, Anarkhia and Penitence

“… “ I turned my anarchy into anarkhia, a constructive insurgence,” you say, brother Angel, and it is absolutely true that the first head to be brought down is one’s self, which is the source of pride, that is to say, of the error which consists in believing oneself to be superior to others and thus killing Love.

Pride is ice, the man unfurled over himself freezes: nothing passes from him to the other.  Love is the Fire, the Wind of the thaw.  There cannot be anarkhia without Love and there is the difficulty, I know.  Anarchists believed they were serving anarchy by killing.  Alas, they were only in anger and anger, like pride, imprisons the being under the glacier of a long cold pressure.  Reading works about anarchy, I did not find any allusion to what seems to me to be essential for developing a happy powerful anarchy, Love.  One must admit that most anarchists are not believers, but still, I found that bizarre.

We must live with the hope that man be cured from his illness of submission.  Why does man weaken himself thinking he absolutely needs rulers, laws, coercive protectors?  It is an illness, one of those deep illnesses become congenital, inherited by the poor choice made by Adam (Revelation of Arès 2/1-5).  We must give humanity the hope of being cured from this evil through which politics and religion live.  Anarkhia, when it will begin to be put into practice in small human unities like it is practiced in our missions, will be a celebration following millenniums of being deprived of liberty and independence.  They say that we only use 10% of our brain, but has anyone conceived the notion that the inactive 90% is the result of constraint of the mind, thought?

This thought, these capacities finally liberated, yes, it is penitence that will give it to us.”

15sep16 177C66 Réponse


Translated by djd