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The Gardener Giggles

I planted a scented geranium in the window box just outside the toilet.

Test Blog

I am in the habit of posting a hyper link on Facebook when I make an entry here.  Lately a box has been showing up there that looks as if my entire post would appear including the comments.  I was wondering if my friends here would feel funny about that so I have up until now closed that box.  This entry is destined to test that feature.  You are quite welcome to make comments here but they may appear there.  Let me know privately if you have objections.

Picture Perfect : Shades of Grey

I took this photo in Gray, France, end of 1982.

When my husband-to-be told me over the phone where we would be living, I imagined all different spellings, Gré, Grès, Grai, Grais, even Grey, but not the one I was most familiar with, Gray.  The photo shows the overflowing of the river which happened regularly.  The climate was particularly gray.  The month of July during our first summer there, it rained 19 days.  The people were not very sunny either.  My husband while walking to work passed the same people every day, saying “Bonjour!” but it was six months before he received a “bonjour” in return.

Brittany, where we live now, has a reputation of being gray, but that is a false impression comparatively.  There is wind here which clears everything out and lifts the gray.  I remember reading about a Breton who returned from Tahiti—he got bored with nothing but blue sky.  Someone said how can one remain indifferent towards such an infinite variety of grays?

The first thing that came to mind with this theme was the song “now there is no black or white, but only shades of gray.”  Where I was at the time this song came out, this idea was not appreciated.  Things were either black or white, right or wrong.

My second thought was we are all shades of gray.  If we assign degrees of blackness, we are judging, which in turn darkens our own shade.  But being more a slugbuster than a ghostbuster, I don’t know how to photograph that sort of shade, so I went with my third idea. 

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Picture Perfect : Busy

All these plants are busy growing.  I need to get busy and garden if I want to maintain the design I intended, harmonious to my eyes.

The inner garden requires care and vigilance also.  Crabbiness can quickly take over just like crabgrass in the flower bed.

The sower has gone out.*  We decide whether or not we will cultivate the seeds of goodness in our inner garden which will create an outer garden, the world, of peace and harmony.

*The Revelation of Arès 5/1

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The Two Bears

We needed a new spigot for our vinaigrier but we forgot to take the old one along with us to the store.  As I was looking at other things, my husband came up and said what do you think of this one?  I said it looks a bit big.  He said then it will be just right because I think it is a bit small.  And he was right.

A Change in Destiny

Sometimes I find reading The Old Testament is like watching/reading the news, full of horrors.  I hardly ever watch the news and don’t read The Old Testament every day, but today I did read some in Kings and what a story to read on the day Mothers’ Day is celebrated in the United States.

A king’s son was ill and the king sent his wife, the boy’s mother, to consult the prophet, man of God.  She went in disguise so it would not be known that the king’s wife was visiting God’s prophet.  The prophet knew who it was even though his physical eyes were blind.  He told her, among other things, that when she stepped over the threshold of her home, the boy would die.  Now about here, I am thinking, lady, don’t go home.  Well, she went home and the boy died.  Now the way this was told, it seemed more like it was the king’s fault for the way he was living.

While I was talking about this with my husband over dinner, I realized she didn’t believe.  My husband said the prophet spoke according to the present situation which would have changed completely if the woman had changed and acted otherwise, especially someone in her position with political influence.

It was not an inevitable destiny, just as today, if we change, the direction in which the human race is headed will change.  We should not accept our “misbehaviours” as part of human nature.  We can refuse to consider hate, lying, war, exploitation, revenge, and so on, as being normal.  We can instead practice love, peace-making, forgiveness, honesty and other qualities that constitute virtue.  Virtue?  When’s the last time you heard that word?

May Day Bouquet

I have been thinking about painting this for several days now, realizing I wanted to do it at a certain time so as to have a certain light.  Meanwhile, the flowers went brown, so this morning, I picked new ones and then painted.  This is done in ink and watercolour.  The paper is white, but I can never get the camera to portray it properly.

Picture Perfect : Sign

My neighbour gave me these salads to plant in our garden.  To me, that is a SIGN that our spiritual nature has not disappeared.  We are capable of practicing love, sharing freely.  The imbalances we see in nature are a SIGN that we do not do this enough.  All of our actions have an influence on the world around us.  If we change so as to be more loving, peaceful, fair, creative, forgiving, using our spiritual intelligence, the world will change also, including nature.  Then maybe I wouldn’t lose so many salads to slugs. 


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May Day 2009

The lilies of the valley are blooming, nestled in with columbine (aquilegia).  We never know if they will be up for this date when it is traditional to gather bouquets of these lilies.  There is a special dispensation whereby anyone can sell them on the road, sidewalks, etc.  Why one should need that in order to sell a bouquet, well, the government wants to control everything, n’est-ce pas?

This is the French Labor Day.  There will be parades and demonstrations organized by the unions (not out here where we live    ).

I just like rejoicing in the beauty the Creator provides for us and participating in His Creation as I plant and weed my garden.  So I wish you a happy May Day.