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Like a Sounding Trumpet

No doubt about it, the crocuses are up and starting to bloom.  Suddenly it seems as if “everything” needs to be done in the garden–pruning, digging, scratching, planting, …

Garden 2010

February 23, 2010

Peace of Mind


“Another of His signs is that He created mates of your own kind of yourselves so that you may get peace of mind from them, and has put love and compassion between you.  Verily there are signs in this for those who reflect.”

Al Qur’an 30:21

I must admit I don’t believe I give much thought to my husband’s peace of mind.  Something to work on here; although I do try to help him not to worry too much.  How do you know where the line is to cross over from reflecting, thinking, being prudent, into worry?

On to lunch.

Homemade noodles.  Stir them so they don’t stick together.  Like keeping an active mind so the brain cells don’t clump together.  Weren’t you ever told to use your noodle?  After draining, I added a knob of butter so they wouldn’t stick together—just for my peace of mind.

Picture Perfect : Book Title

“The Revelation of Arès”

This is the chapel where the theophanies took place,
a very small building, but a Message of import for all humanity.

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This image has not been manipulated in any way, only downsized.

Picture Perfect : Love is in the Air


Love is in the air and it smells good!

One of the simplest and most universal ways of expressing love, be it instinctive (maternal/paternal), romantic, or fraternal, is to share a meal.  My husband is working on an osso bucco and I made a cake, a Boston Cream Pie.

Love is in the air; it flows from the Source of all that is.  We can breathe it in and radiate it out. The Usui method of reiki taught me a lot about this.  We all have this capacity.

Love is as necessary for spiritual life as air is for physical life.

“C’mon people now, smile on your brother

Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.”

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I’m not sure of the author of the lyrics; it might be Jesse Colin Young. (Audio in first comment)

Some Light Bulbs Take Longer to Warm Up

Sitting there, going one, two, three, four, five, dip down, one, two, three, four, five, dip down, my eyes happened to light upon the book I bought for learning Arabic and it occurred to me that I could do that in Arabic and then I would at least know how to count to five.

After several rows, I went up to ten on the back where I don’t really need to count.  Getting these polysyllabic words into my brain and out my mouth slows down my crocheting somewhat, but it feels good to be doing two things at once.

Picture Perfect : A Toast to…

“Post a photo of what best represents what you give honor to today.”

I wish to honor the man to whom God spoke directly in Arès, France, in 1974 and 1977.  He scrupulously wrote down what he heard and when no one would publish it, he got hold of a printing press and published it himself.  He has courageously delivered the Message he received, even the parts that are not pleasing to the world.  It is a message which gives hope to humanity; It tells us we are capable of changing this world, whether we are believers or not.  He has unceasingly worked to spread the Message and to explain It and to help us understand that the key is “penitence” – practicing love, peace, forgiveness, freedom from prejudice, awakening the intelligence of the heart.  He is now 80 years old, is not retired, not at the head of any kind of empire or organization; he just keeps saying “I saw, I heard.”

A candid shot of “Mikal, the friend” with his wife and helpmeet Christiane

I “lift my glass” to Michel Potay who has faithfully transmitted to us:

The Revelation of Arès

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