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A Perhaps Unusual Taste

What is the taste of truth?  Is it a minor ingredient?  What would pure truth be like?  Overwhelming for we humans whose spiritual palates have degenerated?

Is truth on your list of what’s good?  Why do we often find it so unpalatable?

Common images in our language are “the bitter truth” and the “sword of truth”.  Sometimes it’s “sugar-coated” to make it easier to swallow, swallowing also being used in relation to tall tales, another euphemism for lying.  …when a guy sweet talks ya’…..  she was brutally honest….

On the other hand we have:
     *Honesty is the best policy.
     *What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

So somewhere remains a recognition of the value and desirability of truth.  But how much untruth do we recognize today?  Has not lying and deception become so commonplace we don’t even realize it? 

It is still a case of splinters and beams—we easily point out the lies and their effects when they come from others but what about our own?  We all contribute to this universal soup; the ingredients each one of us adds make up the taste of the whole.

The first place to look is within.  On the list of ingredients of my self, is truth one of the ones with so few parts per million, it doesn’t have to be on the label?

Does truth have to be bitter, brutal?  Can we not be truthful and loving at the same time?

Sometimes we may lie in order to escape the reaction of the other in relation to our actions.  Turn this around—what in my reactions would cause someone else to lie?

I remember sermons on standing up for what one believes.  How about having the courage to stand up and admit our shortcomings?  Then we need the spiritual strength to forgive, hopefully followed by even more strength so as to change.

And now for a splinter: 
Last week the government was assuring us there would be no shortage at the pumps.  On Friday a colleague wondered why are people filling gas cans?  I remembered when I first came to France hearing the government say oh, no, we are not going to devalue the franc, no, no.  And then 3 days later, they would devalue it.  People are filling gas cans because they’ve been lied to before.  Saturday evening there was no diesel fuel to be had in a nearby town.  Yesterday the pumps were closed when no attendant was on duty as purchases are limited, when there is any fuel to be had.

Truth and trust go hand in hand.  Savour the notion of being able to trust, then mix up a batch of honesty.  Don’t forget a healthy dose of love and compassion.

Picture Perfect : A Toast to…

“Post a photo of what best represents what you give honor to today.”

I wish to honor the man to whom God spoke directly in Arès, France, in 1974 and 1977.  He scrupulously wrote down what he heard and when no one would publish it, he got hold of a printing press and published it himself.  He has courageously delivered the Message he received, even the parts that are not pleasing to the world.  It is a message which gives hope to humanity; It tells us we are capable of changing this world, whether we are believers or not.  He has unceasingly worked to spread the Message and to explain It and to help us understand that the key is “penitence” – practicing love, peace, forgiveness, freedom from prejudice, awakening the intelligence of the heart.  He is now 80 years old, is not retired, not at the head of any kind of empire or organization; he just keeps saying “I saw, I heard.”

A candid shot of “Mikal, the friend” with his wife and helpmeet Christiane

I “lift my glass” to Michel Potay who has faithfully transmitted to us:

The Revelation of Arès

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Picture Perfect : What Am I? Answer

The two W’s are Word and Water.  The plant is called honesty and brings to mind one of the ways we can use and abuse the divine gift of speech.


The hints spelled out:

For as the rain or snow drops from heaven and returns not there, but soaks the earth and makes it bring forth vegetation, yielding seed for sowing and bread for eating, so is the word that issues from My mouth: it does not come back to Me unfulfilled, but performs what I purpose, achieves what I sent it to do.  Isaiah 55:10-11


And We send pure water down from the sky to quicken a region that was dead, and to give it as drink to animals We have created and to men in plenty.  And We distribute it among them in various ways that they may ponder and reflect; yet most men disdain every thing but denial and thanklessness.  Al Qur’an 25:48b-50


The Water That the soul like a sail glides along on does not come from the sky above you.  It comes from Heaven that is My Dwelling.  The Sea That is found on the Heights where you are to lead My People, those who will choose to follow you along the goat paths, has a nature unknown to man.  The Water That I spread in front of those who ask Me for It to launch their ships onto It, is not the water which men drink in inns, not the water with which trees are watered, which I do not bless because the murderer washes his dagger in it, the prostitute washes in it.  You shall see to it that no one will ever gesture My Cross over that water to use it as an object of superstition.  As a reminder of My Word delivered today he or she who will ask for Baptism shall stand in front of a vase filled with water and say, “No, not John’s water, but Your Water!”  Then the baptized one shall wash his head and hands in the water in the vase, drink some, spill the rest of it on the ground in order to attest that such water is a Gift for thirst, for taking baths, for watering fields, because of the sins of Adam and the sins of Adam’s descendants.  The Revelation of Arès 20/4-8

Looking for Truth?

The only thing keeping us from Truth is


from Michel Potay, my translation
new blog entry:

June 19, 2007

There is a new entry in the blog of the man to whom God spoke. It explains the event and the book it inspired:


Most of us do not realize the significance of God speaking directly to a man.

Trying for Truth

Here is a blog to read about truth:


I have been turning over in my mind the part about the smallest organism containing the mechanism of the whole. I have seen that in comparing an atom with the planetary system, the electrons, etc., revolving like the planets. There is also something similar in toys. We give small versions of things to our children so that they can practice and learn – small tools, small wheelbarrows, dolls, small tractors, and so on. Do we also give them small lies?

What evidence?

Do you have your own opinion? How do form it? What do you base it on?

Are you capable of rational thought?

Read this article and then answer the poll: