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Inktober 24-31, 2019

This concludes my Inktober 2019 album.

Inktober 11-15, 2019

The next batch of five:


My original idea for this prompt was “ashes protect baby salads”  but I did not spread the ashes and my baby salads disappeared.  Needed another idea…  Ash, bash, cash, dash…  Dasher…  He threw up the sash…



In spite of the illegibility, I am pretty sure it’s a schizostylis.





Inktober 6-10, 2019


Then I had to test my pattern:




Inktober 1-5

Once again I am participating in this effort designed to get people to draw more in ink.  This year I am using the prompts suggested by the originator of the project, Jake Parker.  I wrote a phrase or sentence with each word based on my “universe”.  Here are the first five: