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Today’s Harvest

This is my second try this year at getting some blackberries to make jam.  I was much more successful today.  Although most of them are small, they eventually add up.


blackberries 13 1bis

Go Grapenuts Go

grapevine seedlings

From a few seeds I saved from lunch one day.  Or maybe it was breakfast.


If At First You Don’t Succeed

sweater re do 1


I am trying again with this sweater.  I knitted it several years ago and never was happy with the yoke piece.  It seemed bulky somehow compared to the rest.  I liked it too much to just get rid of it so I set it aside to be revised.

Meanwhile there was moving, renovating, other projects, possessions in divers boxes…

Several things had to come together at the same place and time—the sweater, the left-over yarn, the pattern and gumption.

I remember when I was working on it, sitting in the hallway at the school of music while my son had his trumpet lesson.  Hmm, that gives me an idea of how long ago.  Looking at the pattern book, it appears to have been printed in 1986.  Oh no!  Not another thirty year project!  After the quilt and the rug, I wasn’t expecting many more of those.


finished_rug bis