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Two Mixed Media Pieces and a Watercolour

I have been enjoying myself with mixed media lately in addition to watercolour.

This one was for a theme: Imaginaire (Imaginary).

I used image transferring, acrylic, pastel, Posca…  I finished it with a coat of Dorland’s Wax Medium.  It was done on a piece of cardboard (recycled packaging).

This one was wet-in-wet watercolour, no drawing beforehand.

Some Baking Things – 32x50cm


This was done on the backing from a bloc of watercolour paper.  I used the cover on the first layer of collage.  I drew a triskell, took a photo of it and then printed a page of the motif to also use as collage.  Acrylic paint with brushes and knife, Poscas, stencil with texture paste, and to finish, a tree made from yarn.  Fun, all the way around.



Some Things Need Fixed

It started with a sachet from a pastry shop.  The motif caught my eye, but the truth of the matter was “not quite right”.  While one can often find pleasure in eating good food, it is not really an inexhaustible source of Happiness.

I wondered if I could find the letters for the word love (amour) in “gourmandise” since that is the true source of real happiness.  Yes, I did.  Then I filled the holes with hearts.  I also had a bit of a donut box I brought back from the States; “share jelly donuts” had tickled me right away.  This orange must be an international choice of colour for gourmandise.


This reminds me of the work to be done on oneself, changing so as to be loving and thus transforming the world.  I modified the word “compostable” to read” réalisable” because it is entirely possible.

A touch of Le Rustique, an orange one that comes with Muenster cheese.  Hmmm, Muenster with jelly donuts, how would that be?

I have been having fun with mixed media lately, often inspired by LorriMarie Jenkins.