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Work Can Be Fun

As I jumped on the spade to cut an edge along the path through the middle of the vegetable garden, I thought, « I want a pogo stick. »  Last time I checked for one in the stores, I was too heavy for the maximum recommended weight.  Maybe now that I’ve slimmed down, I can hope.   […]

Couleurs de Bretagne – Loguivy Plougras

Today was the first 2013 session for me in the yearly season for this outdoor painting contest, Couleurs de Bretagne.  It was windy which meant everything dried very fast, but no rain fell.

MHM 32x50cm




Deuxième Fournée

Today we fired up the bread oven for our second baking.  We decided to use the heating up phase to make some pizza.  I mixed up my bread in the morning using my sourdough culture I had taken out and fed the night before while my husband simmered a tomato sauce. Then late morning I prepared some pizza dough.  Next step was to start a fire.

After shaping the bread for the second rising, I prepared the pizza toppings.  We each suited ourselves and took turns baking.  It only takes about 5 minutes for the pizza to be done.  We had so much fun, hurrying out there with our pizzas on the new paddle my husband made.  The trickiest part is getting the pizza off the paddle without rolling the olives to the back of the oven.


2ème fournée 1



2ème fournée 2


2ème fournée 3


2ème fournée 4


I experimented with using a baking dish for one loaf as I always used to do.  The others were raised in floured towel-lined bowls and a basket, turned out onto the paddle and slashed.

2ème fournée 5


I was happily puttering away in the greenhouse while the bread baked.


2ème fournée 6




Tulips in Turquoise Pot

Tulips in Turquoise Pot 24x16.5cm

Tulips in Turquoise Pot


A small scene from a friend’s house where our art club spent a very nice afternoon.



Première Fournée

We are finally able to use our bread oven.  We made slow fires several times and then heated it up to the necessary temperature for baking bread.  There was enough heat left to make scalloped potatoes in the evening and then a custard the next day!

I have been waiting for about 30 years for this.

Ain’t we got fun!

May Day 2013

muguet 1 mai 2013

Happy May Day!

This year the lily of the valley has not opened yet but the buds are lovely with their promise of perfume soon to come. May Day has dawned as a gray day with a west northwest wind.  Temperature was 5.8°C upon arising.

Today is La Fête du Travail in France, like Labor Day.  Some of the politically inclined, led by unions, will march.  Most people hope for nice enough weather to have a cook-out.  If the day off can be managed into a long weekend, that’s even better.

Our Creator recommends that we work:

“for work is (a) good (thing) for the worker, and he gets reward for it.”  The Revelation of Arès 16/8

He does not approve of domination nor exploitation:

“Outside the wall the cruds lay down the women, the(ir) fire rake pulls the money (in), (they) eat the cream of earth; (they) cover My Hand (like) the cockroach, (they) swat (It); (they) hitch the people (like) the dogs.”  The Revelation of Arès xxxii/14


May we choose to practice love in all areas of our dally life, working for the Good of everyone in each thing we do.