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A Slice of Life

This one rose seemed to standing out, shining with particular beauty.


To the inattentive eye, this shrub is fairly nondescript.

If you take the time to take a closer look, you can see

Elsewhere in town I saw

In my own garden today:

Promenade de dimanche

Even in winter, nature is full of colour.

Hazelnut in bloom with a few retained leaves.

Beauty at my Doorstep

I almost wrote beauty at my doorstop.  ???

May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

This year the lilies of the valley have been in full bloom for about 10 days already.  We had approximately a month with no rain.  Fortunately the weather has changed, rain has and is falling, but there may be frost.

I realize this day is associated with pagan practices, but I like to use it as a seasonal marker and appreciate the beauty of all our Creator has made.


Say Peas Please 2

The peas are poking up their heads.  That didn’t take long, did it?   Meanwhile this plant (aeonium) is doing something in between its leaves. It is on a window sill because I fear it may not be truly hardy in my garden. *

Evening Bands of Colour


I just liked these bands of colour, in the evening, after stormy weather.