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An Extravaganza

The D’s busted out, they let themselves go. They got on their bicycles and rode up into the village. They bought two take-out dinners which they enjoyed at the picnic table in the parking lot. It was premeditated, they had ordered the night before. A very large truck arrived and did not turn off its motor. Why was he parking right there ? Oh, he was emptying the recycling bins for bottles. How practical to have the glass recycling bin close to the table. All was well, they were in the sunshine, the dish was delicious, albeit not quite the fine dining experience to which they are accustomed in France. Then they got back on their bicycles and, inspired by the Wise Men, went home by another way, doing 12.4km all together. What freedom ! What a country, where one can easily buy what is necessary to get drunk, but not to change one’s underwear. And yet, the Creator spoke here, He has hope that we will make the effort to change the world for Good by changing ourselves.

At the front door

The Pickled Cabbage

It spoke to me last night. It said taste me, I’m ready. So I did, as my husband watched dubiously.

It is delicious! It tastes just like sauerkraut.

For the first two days, it was dry, so I added some water, just to cover. After that, I noticed the bubbles of fermentation.

Today I spooned it into jars and put in in the refrigerator.

Do we now have a dedicated pickled red cabbage towel or will it all come out in the wash ?

Pickled or Lacto-fermented Cabbage

I am inspired to try pickling some cabbage that did not go over too well in a salad as it was a bit bitter. It happens to be red cabbage. I have read about this process for years, looked at special jars from Alsace for making it, but have never actually tried it. This video gave me the push:

I liked their camaraderie, their joie de vivre.

Now my hands are purple. 🙂