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Monday’s Bread

This is the bread I made yesterday.  I almost always use my sourdough culture that I keep going in the refrigerator and whole wheat flour.  Sometimes water and salt are all that I add; other times I vary.  Yesterday was a sort of kitchen-sink variety; I put in a little bit of several things from the armoire – poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, oats, polenta.

We cut the bread on a piece of wood that has been our cutting board for bread for about 20 years now.  It is a slice from an elm tree we had to cut down due to Dutch elm disease.  After the meal, we open the top of our door and put the crumbs out for the birds.  They are ready and start eating them before we even get the door all the way closed.

You may notice that it is raining here today.

Liberty Exhibit – 4th window

Cessons de considérer la liberté absolue comme le chaos !

Let’s stop thinking of absolute freedom as chaos !


« Les hommes sont meilleurs, plus généreux, plus capables de se gérer dans la liberté qu’on ne croit ».                                 Michel POTAY

Men are better, more generous, more capable of handling themselves in freedom than one may think.


Qui pourrait aimer non librement ?


Who can love other than freely ?

The central piece was an image that came to me with the phrase “stop thinking of absolute freedom as chaos. ” It is pastel and a bit of acrylic on brown paper.  I did some small versions to prepare in art class and when asked what it was, at first I didn’t know exactly, but out of my mouth popped “free spirits”.

Picture Perfect: Safe

Here is a safe place – my husband’s arms.

These arms cannot keep me safe for eternity but the love they represent helps us on the upward path.

No one knows who is saved.  I can only go in the right direction.


God says in “The Revelation of Arès”:

The brother (that) is clear-sighted goes out (of) his (own) head, goes up into My Hand


Your brother sees the Light, he eats from My Hand ;


I do not raise (anyone forcibly). My Arm (waits) at the end of man ‘s arm ; (he grasps It if he wants to ).

(If) My Hand (and) his hand (together) hold the hoe, man is a thousand years old, (and) can still bite.


(But if) the eye lifts (to defy Me), (if) the hand leaves My Hand, (man falls) more dead (than) death



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Something I find thrilling

Squash seedlings!

Picture Perfect: Fragile

Although I am aware of the futility of treasuring things which moths and rust do corrupt, still I did not expect this arbor to be fragile.

The problem for me is that I need to be able to get through there with a laundry basket because that is the way to the where the clotheslines are.

Not today though, the automatic watering system is on.

I took this shot this morning, leaning out a Velux, with our Canon Powershot A510.  I cropped it some.

Click on it to see a bigger version.

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additional photo – 3rd window

Last night’s entry was made after a long day with several obstacles to overcome.  I realized later there was not a good general view of the window so I am adding this photo.  Don’t forget, you can click on photos to see them bigger.

Liberty Exhibit – 3rd window

We had some technical difficulties, but did what we set out to do.  Watch the bird…

Here is a close-up:

La Liberté Absolue… une construction permanente, une dynamique… non un état

Absolute Liberty… permanent construction, dynamic…not a state.


Ma Main ne pousse pas les pieds des hommes… ils vont ou ils ne vont pas. 

La Révélation d’Arès XXXVIII/8

My Hand does not drive men’s feet….they go or they do not go.

The Revelation of Arès XXXVIII/8

Here is the smaller window:

Le Créateur nous a montré la Voie, Il n’a pas dit qu’Il la gravirait à notre place…

The Creator has shown us the Way, He didn’t say He would climb it for us.

Picture Perfect: Hobby

While waiting for sunlight to make a better photo, I gave some thought to what is a hobby.  In my mind, it is an activity that one does for pleasure without worrying about profit, although some manage to earn money with their hobbies, enabling them to continue to pursue the activity without wrecking the budget.

I do a lot of different things and enjoy doing them.  As I don’t have a paid job outside the home, is my entire life a hobby ?


I chose to share with you my interest in cultivating plants.  Some call it a disease – propagationitis.  I have a hard resisting sowing, dividing, rooting cuttings.  Here you can see some tomato plants growing from seeds I sowed, some of which I save, some of which were a free gift with a seed order.  I bought the Sungold variety but plan to see what happens next year if I save the seeds.  Last year all our tomatoes died with blight.  Fortunately I had seed from other years for the long meaty variety I have been cultivating for some time from seeds saved from a tomato a lady gave me.  You can also see a bit I pinched off a plant growing in a public area.  It has two little rootlings, visible if you click on the image to get the larger version.

When I am working with plants, I feel a synergy with the Creator.  A kind of love passes through me towards them.

Now I am off to work in the garden, preparing some things to take to a plant exchange on Sunday, a gathering of plant hobbyists.

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Not a Bouquet

This is not a bouquet.  The bits were not cut with a bouquet in mind, but rather were stuck in water because they had been cut, but I couldn’t just toss them on the compost pile.  The barberry has itsy-bitsy yellow flowers and the the intense blue ones are lithospermum.  The ash tree in bloom inspired the following watercolour.  Many in my painting group did not realize that ash trees flower.

What most amazed me is the quantity of pollen on the table after approximately 36 hours.  No wonder some people are allergic.

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