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Le Rustique Series N°4

Le Trottoir à Lanvollon – 29x62cm

This was done for a contest with Couleurs de Bretagne.  I did not have time to finish it there as I would have liked but now I think it is done.  At the contest I entitled it “Sans rompre le fil” because there is an unbroken thread running throughout, well, there is a start and an end…  🙂  This is collage on recuperated cardboard to which I applied a coat of gesso in preparation.


Three in a Row, Twice

This past weekend, I participated in an outdoor painting contest three days straight.

First day:

Lumière à tous les étages
Couleurs de Bretagne – Guerlesquin


These are called « sitting dogs » and one kind is a « nasturtium ».


Second day:

Pour nos grandparents jardiniers

La Martyre

The two watering cans and the stone marked remembrance garden made me think of my grandmother and my father-in-law.  I put some irises and pansies for them.


Third day:

A man drew another man who was painting…

…painting a woman…

…who was doing the stairs…

Portail est


1st prize amateur watercolour


I am sorry, I do not know the names of the other artists in order to give them credit.


For these contests we sign up in the morning, turn in our work around 3 PM.  The jury chooses a winner in each category and then there is a ceremony with exhibit at 5:30.  While I was hanging around the exhibit at Bodilis, waiting for the results, a man told me that I hadn’t drawn much today, and therefore I had not really done any work.  He preferred what I had done at Guerlesquin.  I replied that here, I had not drawn at all.  I really did not expect to win the prize; there were other very skilfully done watercolours in the same category.  You can see photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/couleursdebretagne/albums/72157683905358961/page2



Latest Work with Couleurs de Bretagne

These were done en plein air for a contest organized by Couleurs de Bretagne.


This one was nominated by the jury which is equivalent to being a runner-up.


Approchant Mézédern 44x30cm

Approchant Mézédern


This one won a prize because it was so far out of the box.  The translation of the title is “This seat is not free.”


Ce siège n'est pas libre 44x30cm

Ce siège n’est pas libre

Current Exhibit

expo callac june 2015

These paintings were all done en plein aire in the same town on the same date, but different years.  Three out of the five were rainy days.

Couleurs de Bretagne-Carantec

This is my entry for the contest which was held yesterday at Carantec.

Dans la rue Laennec 50x38cm Couleurs de Bretagne, Carantec

Dans la rue Laennec
Couleurs de Bretagne, Carantec

In the afternoon, I did another painting, just for fun.

Little Boat Line-up 27x50cm Carantec

Little Boat Line-up

Couleurs de Bretagne

Work from yesterday and today.


Lavoir sous la roche Couleurs de Bretagne Huelgoat

Lavoir sous la roche
Couleurs de Bretagne


Dans la rue Melin Coué Couleurs de Bretagne Guerlesquin

Dans la rue Melin Coué
Couleurs de Bretagne




Couleurs de Bretagne–August 17-18, 2013

Built on a Boulder St Connan 50x32cm

Built on a Boulder
St Connan



Carantec le matin 32x50cm

Carantec le matin


We had good weather for painting this weekend, only a few sprinkles of rain, not too hot, not too cold, not too windy.  🙂

That’s it for this year for us with the group Couleurs de Bretagne.