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Picture Perfect : Tough As… It is to Change

This is a self portrait.  She is one tough cookie.  I am using her to represent the human race because that is the toughest problem we face—our own nature.  How to change so as to become good?  Even more so, how to realize it’s necessary?  Yet that is the only solution for a better world, given by our Creator:

“The Truth is, the world has to change”

“Then My Day will break.  I will gesture to the planet to stop revolving under your feet ;
there will be no longer day or night, but My Light will cover everything continuously”

The Revelation of Arès 28/7, 31/8

So until we decide to change, things will only get tougher, unless we destroy ourselves.


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I used the remote capture function with the computer, tripod and our Canon Powershot A510 and cropped a bit off the right.


It has been a very good week. I rarely feel I can give an instantaneous evaluation.

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Here is a watercolour I did sort of as a souvenir.

Picture Perfect : Nursery Rhyme

                                    Mistress Mary,

                                    Quite contrary,

                                    How does your garden grow?

                                    With silver bells

                                    And cockle shells

                                    And pretty maids all in a row.



Rather than contrary, I feel blessed, working and being rewarded.


How does your inner garden grow?


“The head is a pot in which the poppy boils.

When sitting the brother sees the flower wilt and the rust, he feels his bone bend;

then into his head the hoe comes to till the garden that never fades.

The brother that is clear-sighted goes out of his own head, goes up into My Hand.

His head becomes gold on fire like the sun, his saliva pours the rain, the forest spreads over his leg.”

The Revelation of Arès XVI/16b-18


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I took this photo this morning, waiting for that ray of sun.  It has been cropped and downsized.  The camera is a Canon Powershot A510.


No Sticker Today

Here is what I painted today for Couleurs de Breatagne.  I did not do as well as yesterday.  There is something lacking in the roof area in my opinion.  I did a sketch first thing to make note of the morning shadows since they quickly moved.  That helped.  Yesterday was a much more festive atmosphere, maybe because of the sun.  There were 76 participants yesterday and approximately 60 today.

I Got a Sticker!

Today my friends and I participated in Couleurs de Bretagne, a painting contest.  We had good weather in spite of threatening showers.  I am really tickled because I got a little sticker on my slip that says 2nd runner-up.    My good friend took first place in our category.  If she keeps that up, she’ll have to move to a higher category.  Tomorrow we will do it again in a different town–artists’ double header.

First and Last Yahoo Blog Entries

This was my first blog entry:

djd’s blog

So now I have a blog ? But I don’t like to write ! How did I get myself into this ?


Entry for January 26, 2006
IMG_0974_1_3_1 magnify
So here we go for another learning experience.Image

I gotta’ get some friends !


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Last yahoo blog:

djd’s blog

So now I have a blog ? But I don’t like to write ! How did I get myself into this ?


Entry for May 01, 2008
It has become too time-consuming and frustrating to function here, despite my large capacity for patience and perseverance (waiting for the improvements since October). I will now be blogging at this address:

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Picture Perfect : Season’s Colour

The season’s color is full green, growing fruit.  This is a branch of the nut tree in the courtyard.  It sprouted on a vacant lot in the Parisian metropolis and was saved from galloping development, ending up on our property  in Brittany.

God’s Word, transmitted by Mikal, shall also bear fruit–

“Out of his jaw the tree with the evergreen top grows.”

The Revelation of Arès XVI/13


It is up to us to plant It in our hearts, even at the risk of being taken for a nut.  

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