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Iris versus Brambles

It occurred to me that I usually take photos in the garden when it strikes me as pretty or when I have finished a clean-up job.  Today I am showing some of what work needs to be done.  Although I have started, it is raining now so I came in.

I have to do some serious digging here as the brambles and elm sprouts, not to mention nettles, etc., are trying to take over my bed of iris.  It didn’t seem like it was in such bad shape viewed from the other side, like when I look in the bathroom mirror, if I stand facing forward, I think not all that bad, but if I turn sideways the full reality becomes apparent.

On another level, how can I see myself as I really am?  I bought a book with that title by the Dalai Lama, but I did not find the answer.  It was about THE Self, a sort of philosophical type of work.  What I want to know is how I really am—am I generous, loving, peacemaking?  Generous enough or actually stingy or giving it all away foolishly?

Tugging at the roots of the plants I don’t want growing there, I realize the same applies to the self as to the flower bed, the job is never done.  One cannot say one has accomplished being good as tomorrow one might do something not so good, let things slide.  We are free to choose at each moment.

Why do I want to grow iris here anyway I wonder as I admire the colour of my blood marking where the thorns have scratched me.  Myself replies they are such a pretty shade of blue.  They were a gift from my father-in-law, also an avid gardener.  Suddenly I am conscious of how brief our shared part of life was, how quickly it passed.


“Shout everywhere, ‘Earthly life is short; happiness is not measured in years, it is measured in eternity; every man barely has time to repent, for the regrets of the specter only add torments to its torments! Listen to the Word That I received and be saved !’”

The Revelation of Arès 36/23

“The penitent is not the sinner who sits in dirt and wraps himself up in a sack,
but the man who stops sinning, even though he wears festive clothes and scent and (even though he) sings to the music of flutes and trumpets; besides, do joy and finery not suit to him who has changed his life?”

The Revelation of Arès 30/11

Picture Perfect : Tough As… It is to Change

This is a self portrait.  She is one tough cookie.  I am using her to represent the human race because that is the toughest problem we face—our own nature.  How to change so as to become good?  Even more so, how to realize it’s necessary?  Yet that is the only solution for a better world, given by our Creator:

“The Truth is, the world has to change”

“Then My Day will break.  I will gesture to the planet to stop revolving under your feet ;
there will be no longer day or night, but My Light will cover everything continuously”

The Revelation of Arès 28/7, 31/8

So until we decide to change, things will only get tougher, unless we destroy ourselves.


For more entries on the theme of “tough as…”, go to Picture Perfect.

I used the remote capture function with the computer, tripod and our Canon Powershot A510 and cropped a bit off the right.

Little Green Light

I wasn’t very good yesterday.  I was in a stew, in turmoil.  I could see this, observing myself, but not able to do much about it, to calm things down.

Wednesday night we could not connect to the Internet.  Down under the desk, back in the corner, one little green light about 2 millimetres in diameter was not on.  No connection.  My husband tried the old modem to see if it was our router’s fault or not;  that didn’t work either. The old modem brings up 3-5 successive windows, saying things like do you want to connect to the internet?  If I say yes, because of course I do want to, it says, well, you can’t, your system is all messed up.  Are you sure you want to cancel this?  Etc., etc.  I manage to find a message from our service provider but there is no phone number, it just says if you need to contact us, click here. OK, I can go an evening without internet, and hope things will be better the next day.

However the next day, that little green light still won’t come on.  I work on other things, like a holiday greeting card, encouraging us all to build a better world of peace and love, but I am not in peace.  The files navigator makes that noise I can’t stand, a sort of tsk, tsk.  That I eliminate.  One thing fixed.  My husband found the number to call and says it is up to me to call them because he has a very long day.  He is also in the throes of a mighty cold.

So I dial the number, press the buttons.  One word is muffled in the messages so I don’t know whether to press 1 or 2.  The machine says “we’re sorry, we didn’t understand your last entry.”  That’s understandable, I didn’t make one.  It plays through again and I make a choice.  A real person comes on the line.  She starts asking me do we have lightening protection.  I say yes.  She says is it on, is the light flashing?  I say, it is part of our electrical installation, that is in another building and even if I were standing in front of the flashing lights, I wouldn’t know which one is for that.  She says, Madame D.  is any one else there?  No, not right now.  Madame D.  do you have anyone who can help you?  Her tone must be due to special training.  I suppose everyone who calls them is in a state, but it makes me feel like a blithering idiot.  She says she will call back at six when I think my husband will be home.  Again, I am thankful we keep the sledgehammer in another building, away from the computer.  Physical labor, that’s a good idea.  I resist smashing things or getting smashed myself and go outside and scrape up mud, muttering all the while.

The chickens pace, wondering when will she let us out.  Is it my imagination or are they thinking, look at all that scratching and she isn’t even eating the bugs.  What a waste!  When I do let them out, they go over each clod thoroughly before I can put it in the wheelbarrow.

I remember my husband complaining about me doing this, saying he would rather have grass.  The problem with leaving the grass is next thing you know, there are trees and brambles, and it looks like no one lives here.

The person did not call back, my husband came home, re-installed the router, called the service.  They unplugged and re-plugged on their end, and the little light came on.

Then we talked it all out.  He said the person was overly polite with him too.  I thought I had been very calm, reserved when he got home, but he felt under attack.  All he wanted was to go to bed, exhausted from his cold.  I told him about my ruminations, how he says if I die, the garden will go because he can’t do everything.  How if he dies, there’ll be no internet here, nothing that takes batteries will run anymore and all the tires will be flat.  He said there is only one solution—we will have to go together.  All my frustrations dissipated. (He said the yard looks good.)

Triste Réalité – a Self Portrait

As I was going through some boxes of old stuff, I found this really nice leather belt that just needs a bit of oil or polish…  Judging by the added holes, I’ve already done the maximum in extending it.  I took this photo and then resized it, giving it a name, then I was obliged to click on OK, but it’s not. 

I emptied two large boxes and filled three small boxes.  Did I come out ahead?  I will give myself a yes, because there is also a bag of garbage and some added to the recycling pile.The idea is to clear out the landing so as to have space to move stuff out of our bedroom and finish it.  Currently there is just bare dry wall and it is not very cheery to look at.  It’s hard to let go of the past, even represented by out-grown clothes.  Some of them have such happy memories.

Liberty Exhibit ii

On the left:

Acceptons les risques de la liberté absolue, tellement moins grands à la longue que les risques de « l’ordre public » qui, au cours de l’histoire, a toujours conduit à la vengeance sans fin (27/9) : règlements de compte, révolutions qui aboutissent toutes à un nouvel « ordre public », à partir duquel les problèmes recommencent.

Accept the risks of freedom, much less in the long run than the  risks to ‘public order’, which throughout history has always resulted in endless revenge (27/9) : settlings of old scores, revolutions which each lead to a new ‘public order’, where the problems begin anew.

On the right:

Seule la liberté absolue permettra à l’homme de se sortir du mal, en remplaçant les pouvoirs, les lois, les punitions, les armes, la morale, par la volonté individuelle d’être bon et sensé, ce que La Révélation d’Arès appelle pénitence.

Only absolute freedom will permit mankind to put an end to evil, by replacing power, laws, weapons, ethics, with the individual will to  be good and sensible, which « The Revelation of Arès » calls penitence.

A Prayer

When I first read « The Revelation of Arès » where it says to pray this prayer three times a day and once at night, I thought, how boring ! I don’t want to repeat the same words over and over every day. Isn’t that ritualistic? Superstitious? But the Word of The Creator says to do so, and so I tried it. Incredibly, I could feel something happening within me, as if a molecule of my self was changing each time. It is similar to The Lord’s Prayer but the differences are important or He wouldn’t have given it. It is less passive, showing us more of our responsibility.

« Father of the universe

You are the only Saint

Let your Sanctity prevail over us

So that we may do Your Will

So that we may get our food

So that we can forgive and be forgiven

So that we may resist temptation and and bring down the devil

So that we may be ruled by

Your Sanctity

Your Power and

Your Light. »

The Revelation of Arès 12/4

The person to whom God spoke, Michel Potay, writes a blog. This is his latest entry, giving this prayer and what he feels when he says it :

The prayer “Father of the Universe” inscribed on ceramic tiles on a wall of the chapel in Arès.


Husband and I agreed, the sky this morning was an unfamiliar colour – blue!


I went and picked some blueberries in the garden. We have to put nets over them or we won’t have any. The first time we had a red currant bush laden with fruit, almost ripe, we said tomorrow we’ll pick them. That tomorrow, the whole bush had been stripped. Not one currant was left. We never get any cherries, the birds eat them all. I wouldn’t mind sharing a few here and there, but all of them?

I was picking with one hand, sometimes two and remembered this verse
from The Revelation of Arès XXVIII/18:

” The ape–(with its) two hands (it) eat(s).

Man (has) a hand (which) eats (and) a hand (which) gives.

(Both) My Hands give.”

With fellow humans, I would like to work on being more generous, to open my ears to the Blue Water.

This is The Creator speaking:

1. I have. I am.

2. The suns revolve in My Hand. (But) My Hand has a thousand Hands; (however far away) your eye stretches, (it) stumbles.

3. The Good one descends, he is low; he goes (to) the right, he is (on) the right, (when) I tell (him to).

4. I descend, I am (on) high; I go (to) the right, I am (in) the middle. (I am the) Spread (one).

5. The Good one (is) My Wind, Mikal (is) My Wind.

The brother opens his ear (to let the Wind in) ; its hairs are (like) the earth, (it is) filled (with) the Blue Water, the seed (that the Wind brings). from The Revelation of Arès II