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Picture Perfect : Favorite Past PP Post

Now I see how faulty my system of saving Picture Perfect entries and using tags is.  I don’t know if this is my absolute favorite but this one stands out to me because the image is one that moves me and the text inspires me still.  (Is that lack of humility?)  It was originally published as Picture Perfect – Precious.

The most precious thing we have is our soul.  We are not born with it; it is something we create by the way we are, the way we live—doing and being good.  There are truths on the universal level that are beyond the grasp of our finite minds so God uses parables and images.  To illustrate the soul, He gives the example of a well-constructed boat with a strong sail.  He refers to the soul as being our true body and the means of close contact, communication, with Him.  (See “The Revelation of Arès” chapters 4, 17, 18,…)  May we be a multitude that joins the heavenly fleet suggested by this photo taken at Arès.

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Picture Perfect : Pleasantville

Touches of colour that brighten the grey of the stone walls (which are really full of colour also if you look closely).  I planted the window box and set stones along with it that I found in the garden and particularly appeal to me.  The plants growing along the wall planted themselves; I leave them to grow.  This is pleasant on a physical level.  It is nice but not enough to make life into “Pleasantville”.  For that I need to make efforts on the spiritual level, planting forgiveness, letting peace grow, shining with love.

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A Friendly Inhabitant

This is a real photo of a real toad in my real life green patch.

I found it in the dahlia bed.  The dahlias have been attacked by slugs and I was considering putting down the blue pellets although I generally don’t use them in the vegetable garden.  Since I found the toad there, I will let him do the work, maybe using some ashes, but not the poison stuff.  He, or is it a she, is taking advantage of a hole made when some cattle passed through.

Picture Perfect : Light

rays of light



There is light that is too bright for us to look at, we who are like moles in tunnels.  I took this photo somewhere along the road in the Carolinas in 2003.  I was kind of proud of myself for taking the liberty to stop and in time to get the photo.  It reminds me of the following text:

“I merged him into Me irremediably as silver alloys with gold so that he would have formed a mirror which might be more dazzling than a thousand suns if I had not been blowing My Breath over it to dim its brightness and make it endurable for the angels and the elect, My Breath Which I exhale to make Me visible.  I spoke through Jesus and I am still speaking through him to you today.”

The Revelation of Arès 2/13b-15


“Listen, man Michel! Here is the sinner’s prayer in the very words that I delivered to My Witnesses, that they could not deliver to the world :












Three times by day, once by night, the sinner shall pray as I have (just) laid it down, because a short prayer time in the darkness where devils move about like wolves is the least the sinner can devote to his own salvation.”

The Revelation of Arès 12/4-5


When I pray this prayer, Light seems to enter my being.


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Genes for Good

“Unpredictable transgene contamination is completely unavoidable, as science has recently revealed that the genome (whether plant, animal or human) is NOT constant and static, which is the scientific base for genetic engineering of plants and animals.

Instead, geneticists have discovered that the genome is remarkably dynamic and changeable, and constantly ‘conversing’ and adapting to the environment. This interaction determines which genes are turned on, when, where, by what and how much, and for how long. They’ve also found that the genetic material itself has the ability to be changed according to experience, passing it on to subsequent generations.”


Our actions, our spiritual nature, can also influence our genetic make-up, I believe.  Are we in the process of breeding out good, truth, creativity, from human nature?  What are we passing on to future generations by our choices, by the way we treat each other?  How many genes for goodness do we need to activate in order to make a better world?  How many genes for goodness are turned on by a friendly smile, an encouraging word, a restraining from gossip, sharing?

This shows the importance of being a penitent as defined by “The Revelation of Arès”, when one changes oneself so as to be good.  God says four generations will not be enough.  We must not wait any longer; the world situation is critical.


Heloid Ladder to Heaven on Earth

Picture Perfect : B


“That is how God creates what He wills.  When He decrees a thing, He says ‘Be’, and it is.”

Al Qur’an 3:47b and several other references

But when He says “Be good,” that is up to us.

Even the heart-shaped leaf of a begonia can remind me that my heart needs to change, to become good.


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The Little Red Hen Strikes Again

Wednesday, my friend and I did a double session of our watercolour lessons so we went out for lunch.  We had been looking forward to this, planning on tiramisu for dessert.  All began well but things bogged down after our starter as we sat waiting, waiting, until there was barely time for our main dish, never mind dessert which we cancelled.  We were 5 minutes late for class and no dessert!  I don’t like to dwell on this kind of frustration so I decided to make some tiramisu myself.

We will have lost nothing by waiting, certainly not any weight, and I dare say this tiramisu will be of an inimitable quality, since I used eggs from our chickens.  And this little red hen will share.


Here’s the recipe:


Mix     6 egg yolks
50 g vanilla sugar

   over boiling water (5 min.) until creamy.

Add     250 g mascarpone.

Soak sponge fingers in:

            150 ml coffee
            4 tbsp brandy (cognac)
            4 tbsp Tia Maria (never mind this if you don’t have any)

Make layers.  Top with whipped cream.  Sprinkle with cocoa.

Random Thoughts and Notes ii

I believe this is the second entry with this title.  I hesitated between calling this one i or ii since the first one didn’t have a number and therefore could be considered zero, but I think I will do like that little box one can click in Word, start the numbering with the second one.

The photo shows the greenhouse just now—I have been planting in and out.  The tomatoes are in and a few marigolds with their protective ring of ashes.  There are more marigolds and some snapdragons to be planted out.  I need to buy some basil.

My husband had a group of friends when he was a student.  I met some of them at the beginning of our marriage and then they had a reunion 20 years after graduating.  This past weekend they had a 14 years later get-together.  The shock between age 20 and 40 is greater than 40 to approximately 55.  However we all agreed it would be best not to wait 14 years for the next one as some of us might be missing or using walkers.   A bunch of 70-year-olds getting together?  How could that be us?  There was a general consensus that 1) it is good to have one’s children nearby and 2) it’s better when one’s parents don’t live too close.  When I put one and two together, I don’t get three—I get the two of us stuck in the middle, far from all family, but it’s such a nice place here.  The others all seem to like it hot (in the pot, 9 days old); I guess I prefer it cold.  I presume our children have it just right.

One of our family jokes is if you have any –?– leftover, just break a couple of eggs into it, and fry it up for supper.  Well, that’s what I did for lunch, with some leftover winter squash, adding a bit of milk, parsley, chives, turmeric, and ginger.

Seems like there was another thought rattling around in my head, but it’s gone now.  An issue resolved perhaps.