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The Red Amaryllis

And so it retains its most photographed status.

Happy Surprise!

amaryllis feb 4 13

This amaryllis has been flourishing for over a year since its last flowering.  I was expecting it to go dormant but happened to notice a floral stem is emerging.  That is a day brightener!



Amaryllis and Ginger

Here is this year’s amaryllis in full bloom.  The main stem gave six blossoms and the second stem gave four.  I gave them a bit of a shake to dislodge pollen wondering if they will form seed like last year’s did.

This is last year’s amaryllis.  I didn’t know it would come back to life so soon, sending up such magnificent floral stalks.

Here is the start of another experiment–planting a ginger rhizome.  We shall see…

Now just watching for signs of growth. 

A New Amaryllis

This bulb was only planted on Friday and yet has already visibly grown.  My husband and I find such pleasure in watching these grow and bloom that we got a new one for this season.  The previous one’s leaves are still green and needs a time of rest before hopefully flowering again.  They seem expensive when you just look at the price of the bulb, but they give us months of enjoyment, much longer than an ordinary bouquet of flowers would.  This time I did a double splurge and purchased an attractive pot with its matching saucer.  I also find amaryllis to be an inspiring subject to paint.

Muttering around in my mind about getting rid of stuff, I realized some things I have kept because people in books did and then someone was happy to stumble upon these “treasures”, but in all honesty, who will rejoice at finding a collection of “Organic Gardening” magazine from the 70’s and 80’s?  I have only consulted them 2 or 3 times myself.  I am unhappy with parts of our house and may have a serious clean-out.  One brake is what do I do with the stuff?  Where do I throw it away?  (There is no away.)

Amaryllis – January 21, 2008

Today’s view of the amaryllis is seen through a door
and reflected in the mirror of an armoire.
The second stem is producing its blooms
and the third stem is well risen.

Amaryllis and Butterfly

The second stem of the amaryllis with its heavy bud was leaning perilously so I fabricated this fence contraption with willow from the garden as a preventive measure. There is a third stem growing also.

There was a butterfly fluttering around the kitchen today. I caught it between two strainers and put it outside. It flew to a sheltered spot under the jasmin nudiflorum which is blooming and settled on a lunaria (honesty) leaf. Maybe it had a drink of water. Maybe a bird will have it for dinner.

Yesterday and all night we had pouring rain with blustery wind. Today the showers are interspersed with sunny spells. What do butterflies do when it rains ? I have no idea. Maybe I will go see if any Yahoos know.

Amaryllis and beach – January 01, 2008

Yesterday the main flower stem broke right off the plant, so now we have:


Now I won’t have to worry about when and where to cut it off.

Here is one of the splendid sights we saw on a walk at the beach today.


Even though it is only 1/2 hour’s drive, we don’t go very often, but it is so invigorating when we do.

I am happy with my first day of this year. This is silly to celebrate turning a calendar page . We have fiddled with the calendar over time to try to get it right, but who’s to say we’ve done it? Not everyone uses the same calendar, even today. But I digress – it was a beautiful day, my husband cooked a delicious dinner, complete with fixing a dessert, and we enjoyed the beauty of Our Creator’s creation. As time passes and folks around the world wake up, we will exchange greetings with loved ones. The sun has set here.

Amaryllis – December 23, 2007

By virtue of the power invested in me to press the button,
I hereby confer upon this amaryllis
Most Photographed Plant Status.