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May 31, 2006 bis

A closeup of the poppies that didn’t show up as well on the previous photo

 as they did to my eyes this morning

May 31, 2006

roadside bed this morning

May 29-30, 2006 – Chicken

Today we are celebrating 29 years of marriage.  As yesterday was Mother’s Day here in France and we know better than to go to a restaurant, the Monday after, I fixed us a festive dinner with chicken as the main dish.


Realizing that things differ around the world, let me say that the chicken was already dead, plucked, and cleaned.


Husband arrived and the day flew by so now it is yesterday’s tomorrow, meaning today, but not the same day as yesterday when I started writing this post… but I still want to explain how I did the chicken in case anyone gets inspired to cook.

In a large oval glass baking dish, I put some olive oil, about 3 tablespoons, then about a tablespoon of zatar ( a mix of thyme, sesame, salt), a little more salt, pepper, and then a bit of zing (a nice ½ teaspoon powdered hot pepper).  I cut up the chicken, keeping the upper back, wingtips and breastbones for soup.  I put the pieces in the baking dish and turned them all around to coat with the seasoned oil.  Then I prepared 4 or 5 smallish onions, sliced finely; three nice red bell peppers (take out the seeds and the white bit), some garlic (as much as you have the patience to peel, at least 5 cloves) and mixed all that in with the chicken, mixing until all had a sheen from the oil.  Then I brought the chicken pieces on top of the rest and baked in a preheated oven, approx. 350° F, for a good hour.

If you just have this, you might want to fix some rice to go along with it, but as we had a French style dinner, this was sufficient – meaning we also had a starter, salad, cheese platter, and dessert.  I did a mini-bouquet with a few flowers from the garden, including some forget-me-not –  my idea of a little joke…


We are very happy to be celebrating this anniversary.  It takes work on oneself and perseverance (stubbornness?).  A desire to make real a sort of ideal.  Two people hand in hand walking towards a common goal.

Exhibit Four

Il n’est jamais trop tard pour se recréer bon.

It is never too late to become good.

The silhouettes represent different stages of life, from birth to death.

No matter what one’s age or the weight of the past, one can decide today to change for the better, to become good.

May 25, 2006

Splendor of the day

This is an oriental poppy.  They don’t last very long; as soon as the bee has visited, the petals fall and the seedhead starts to form.  They are perennial, coming back each year, if nothing eats them.

Un gramme dans l'œil

The scales of justice?


In France the ingredients for a recipe are given in grams.  So a kitchen scale is a handy thing to have.

Sunday as husband and I were finishing off a gâteau Breton, he said he wanted the little piece and I said that one over there is the little one.

Would we be mature adults, leaving behind materialism, greed, and gluttony?  How about if we weighed the pieces to be sure?  This would have been such a good tool to have when I was growing up, one of three children.

Husband went and got the scale.  We weighed the first piece – 127 grams.

Then we weighed the other piece – 126 grams.

Then we rolled on the floor laughing and enjoyed our cake.


Peony- May 23, 2006

Somebody is playing with the weather dial.  We have been having  wind and rain since Thursday night, with about 15 minutes of sun maybe in the late afternoon.  Now today it looked like things were clearing off (I hung out a load of laundry to dry)  and it is raining after a hailstorm.  Is this March or May?

Exhibit Three

C’est ce que je suis qui changera la société.


What I am will change society.


By changing myself, I change what is around me; I influence others.  Moving upwards, I raise the general atmosphere.  I help transform the greyness into colour (all is not dark).  I direct the vessel of my self.  Good food/fuel is found in the Word: the Bible, the Qur’an, the Revelation of Arès.


“for his real body, as light as a pure smoke, that is not born of the mother’s womb, but (that is born) of the (way of) life of the man already born who begets himself into an infinite life which he builds like a ship to head for the open sea.” The Revelation of Arès 17/3


“… freely chosen to make way under sail…”The Revelation of Arès 19/2


Exhibit Two

Dans la liberté, travailler:
à devenir bon, à aimer, à pardonner, à se libérer des poids moraux de la culture, à changer le monde.

Freely work:
to become good, to forgive, to be liberated from the weight of culture,
to change the world.

The forms evoke the person in evolution, who is working on him/herself. The transformation of a human being is possible; from the cube appears a robot with its arms and legs bound, they are then liberated from the body, finally giving birth to a free being within society.