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Souvenir of Würselen

Facing the prospect of an 11 hour bus ride, one way (which actually turned out to be 12 ½ hours), to keep myself out of mischief, I packed my Barbie doll, all her clothes and a valisette of Matchbox cars—non!—  I packed a couple of sticks and some brightly coloured thread.  The main body of a rainbow moebius is now in place.  As I work on a border, I mull over the weekend and what shall I write about it.  In any case this non-scarf will be a good souvenir of a weekend devoted to creating bonds between fellow human beings.

Unleashing the Moebius

Starting to bind off

The one-sided form seems to be showing two sides now.

The finished moebius

As a shawl

As a head-covering

As a hood

It was appreciated today as the weather has turned quite cold and there is a dusting of confectioners’ snow.

The Larousse dictionary spelling is Möbius.

I don’t think it’s healthy

  We happened to be where there is a television when the latest airplane incident occurred.  They showed interviews with travelers who were very happy about the reinforced controls, saying they feel much safer that way.  Harumph—they didn’t interview me, I thought.  Suddenly I could see the flagrant manipulation.  Of course they are not going to show interviews of people calling for forgiveness, for love of their fellow man; that would not serve their interests.  I see a young man who has been led to believe, as are many others—how many countries have armed troops in other countries?—that  we can through killing make a better world.  Now that misguided young man is in the hospital with third-degree burns.

Airports are planning to use the “full body scan” machine, Amsterdam and Chicago have been mentioned.  A few years ago, we changed planes in Chicago and there was already a pernicious atmosphere in that airport with regular announcements saying if you see anyone acting strange, report it to the police.  Now, I feel that I probably do a lot of things that could seem strange to someone else.  Who decides and on what basis what is strange?  A health food nut would find it strange that I eat one of those cinnamon buns with double sticky stuff.  An atheist is going to find it strange that one should pray.  Those with cell phones and laptops are going to find it strange that I should be using a phone card on the public phone and writing with pen and paper.  That announcement was contributing to creating an unhealthy attitude towards others, one of fear and judgment, rather than love and understanding, recognizing our differences as wealth, our individuality as a divine gift.

This thing they call full body scan—what kind of rays does it use?  What effects does it have on your body?  Do you think it is healthy for a person to spend their working hours in a room looking at everyone naked?  If I refuse the machine, is it any better to be searched in a room by others who will be fully clothed, perhaps armed?  Yet, if I strip down at the access gate, I will probably be arrested for indecent exposure.

No machine can see your full being.  We are body, mind and soul and no machine can see what is in your heart and mind, the source of our thoughts which lead to our actions.  Our soul actually constitutes our true body.  I gave man the beast’s flesh, entrails and bones as scaffolding for his real body, as light as a pure smoke, that is not born of the mother’s womb, but (that is born) of the (way of) life of the man already born who begets himself into an infinite life which he builds like a ship to head for the open sea.”

The Revelation of Arès 17/2b-3

This inner change, being and doing good, is the only way we can change the world.  Any person at any time can decide to be and do good or otherwise.  There is no way to eliminate all the possible terrorists except by freely making the choice to eliminate the terrorist within oneself.

This is the direction I am taking, but I know I have far to go.  And yet, it seems that if my soul were bright enough, strong enough, it would bust the fuses on that machine.

I read the following this morning:

« En représaille contre l’attentat manqué, les Etats-Unis et le Yémen cherchent de nouvelles cibles au Yémen pour des frappes aériennes, a rapporté la chaîne CNN. »


Translation : In retaliation for the missed attack, the United States and Yemen are seeking new targets in Yemen for air strikes, reported CNN.

And so we see the never-ending cycle of revenge.  Where is the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Furiously knitting away while thinking about all of this, my moebius seems to have taken on a heart shape.

A Fun Present

You may have observed how much fun young children have with the box a present came in.  For me, a piece of string will do, along with a book explaining a new way to twist it.  My sister sent this lovely package—kid mohair, a luxury yarn I would never buy for myself, bamboo needles and a book about Moebius knitting.  She told me how versatile the articles can be that are knitted this way, scarf, hat, shrug, shawl, all in one, even to carry things.  I had a vision of using it to bring back tomatoes from the greenhouse because I often stretch out my sweater or T-shirt to do this, but no, not in kid mohair.  What would be the equivalent of jeans here?  Maybe rug yarn?

My husband voiced the thought I had quickly squelched in my mind—bamboo needles, airplane?  I reminded him what had happened to a woman who had bought wooden needles on purpose and was not allowed to have them.  She was so frustrated she snapped them and then they took her aside for counselling as “maybe” she wasn’t in a good state to get on the plane.  What a change in events we have in the world today where a woman can easily be a pilot if she so desires, but is not allowed to knit on a plane.  If I were the pilot though, I wouldn’t have time to knit…

I look through the book and begin to discover something so different to me that I decide to start with the basic beginner’s project.  Usually I would read everything and then jump to intermediate or advanced, but I can’t see how this is going to work out.  I wonder if it is what happens when one starts a circular project and it accidentally gets twisted since many inventions happen by accident, but the book says no, that’s not it.  I learn that this latest “craze” began in 1989.  My sister said it is supposedly “all over the internet” but this is the first I have heard of it.  20 years, do I live in the back woods or what!  Then again, it has been over 30 years since The Revelation of Arès was received and not very many know about that or have read it, something of much greater importance to the world than knitting a mathematical form.

First I did a swatch to see how this yarn would work with these needles since the info on the label does not correspond to this case.

Following the instructions carefully, I cast on in this particular way 192 stitches.  Then I seem to have a bit of cable sticking up whereas the book said the 36” length is the smallest one that will work so it doesn’t seem like there should be any extra needle!  I give it a poke-thrust, something shifts and then mine resembles the one in the book.  I wonder if the swatch and measuring will be of any use because it looks like I am working around the needle plus the cable

Just like the book says, when I have done one half round it seems to be a full round.  I spy something down on the lower left that could be hairpin lace.  I keep on going around.  That’s what the instructions say, cast on, go around and around to the desired size and then bind off.  I don’t know how I will know when I get to the size or if I make a mistake, if I drop a stitch or create an extra one, this is so mysterious.

After the first full round, I seem to be working on the needles rather the needles plus the cable.

After the second full round, I see something is building, I have more space in the coiled needle and it looks like half of it is purled and half knitted, although I have only knitted.

Meanwhile on the other side of the kitchen half wall, I played with some strings of bread dough.

(I am having problems with the form of this post.)