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Love ‘Dem Meatballs


On top of my noodles

Sprinkled with cheese

Sat a passle of meatballs

As cute as you please.


Yes, my noodles, made with my own little hands with eggs from my own chickens.  My grandmother taught me how to make noodles when I was 12 and I still remember! It’s really easy as you will soon find out.

But first I made the meatballs.  DH brought home two nice hamburger patties which I promptly un-pattied and mixed into the meat 2 cloves of garlic chopped fine, salt and pepper, and some thyme.  I pinched off pieces the size of a walnut and rolled them into balls.  You don’t want to make these too big as it’s nice to just pop into your mouth whole.   Image

Then I sliced 2 small onions finely and heated some olive oil in the skillet and got the onions going.  After a couple of minutes I put the meatballs in and jiggled that all around until it was looking browned and the onions all wilted.  Then I lowered the heat and put in half a box of Tomacoulis that had been hanging around in the fridge (that would be about ½ cup tomato sauce) and one fresh tomato, diced.  The  leaves from three nice 3″ stems of oregano, salt and pepper.   Put a lid on it and let simmer. Out of the freezer I got 2 basil cubes.

Think about this during the summer when your basil is growing nicely, cut it back and put the leaves in the blender with some olive oil and garlic.  Whiz it up and freeze, using an ice cube tray.  When they are frozen, you can put them into a freezer bag.  Don’t use that tray for anything else.  This is the best way to preserve the taste of basil.

Now for the noodles.  Take one egg for each person, scramble them (or it, if you are by yourself) in a bowl, then add as much flour as you can, yet it is still a dough.  Take out of the bowl and knead on a floured counter and then roll out as thin as you can, sprinkling with flour all the while.  Cut them, not as wide as you might think because they will swell when cooked.  I use a pizza wheel, but a knife will do.  Put on a fair amount of water to boil.

Then I went out in the garden and got a salad and some chives and fixed that while I was waiting for the water to boil.  I think that is what takes the longest.  Image  Chickens got the spotty leaves and the slugs.

When the water finally did come to a boil, I put in some sea salt and then the noodles, stirring good so they don’t stick together.  When they float, they are done.  Taste and make sure; they will be firmer than store-bought ones, and cook quicker.  Drain them.

Put the basil cubes in with meatballs at the last minute and stir well.

Get husband to grate some cheese and set the table!

Peony- April 28, 2006

If all goes well, I will post pictures of this as it blooms, especially for my friend Wanjay.

The Heart is in the Middle

Being present in the heart.

If we concentrate only on the upper half, tending towards the head, seeking only enlightenment, we run the risk of falling into mysticism.  If we concentrate only on the lower half, we develop only the animal part of our nature. 

Both have value, must be balanced.

April 26, 2006

Look how my babies have grown!

I started some more today, squashes.  Bedroom is getting crowded…

Greenhouse Hopes and Sorrow

This morning I worked in our little rigged-up greenhouse.  There is something about the atmosphere in a greenhouse that fills me with peace, hope, and joy.  It is bursting with life.

When I was in college, I worked in the campus greenhouse. It was a refuge, probably a major thing that helped me stick out the four years at that church-affiliated school.  At that time, Joni Mitchell was singing “they took all the trees and put ’em inna tree museum, then they charged the people a dollar an’ a half jus’ to see ’em.  Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, they paved paradise and put up a parkin’ lot.”  So it was quite a shock when I visited the school a few years later and they had torn down the greenhouse and put a parking lot in its place.  I guess I’m still not over that since here I am thinking about it over thirty years later.


Meanwhile in my own little special place, I have salads, radishes, chives, parsley growing.  Today I sowed some marigolds, my favorite ones whose seed I save each year.  I like the ones that get as much dark red as possible.

This greenhouse has been some trouble since it is just a metal frame covered with plastic and it gets leaks and drafts and the wind blows the door off…  So we are thinking of getting a “real” one.  Now that will be a dream come true!

Frizzle Hair

Yesterday, a beautifully sunny balmy day.  Flowers everywhere wide open.


Today a gentle drizzle.  I was digging things up to take to a plant exchange and I also wanted a clean car.  I put the car outside, hoping it would get auto-washed but it wasn’t raining that hard.  The car gets dirty in the garage because the swallows build nests in there and as we’d rather deal with that than mosquitoes…

So I had to wash the car myself.  By that time I was pretty damp.  Then I went inside and took a shower.  Somewhat absurd, non?


I am wondering why so much obsession with gender and sex.  No sooner is one out of the womb than the first thing said is “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”.  I wonder what percentage of the human race is married, ’cause one might think that a fair share would therefore have other things to think about, such as how can we change this world, how can we do the best in raising our children, how can I become a better person?

Full Heart

May my heart be filled with Love.

May your heart be filled with Love.

May all hearts be filled with Love.


I am not talking about a sentiment nor an emotion nor preferences.

It is an energy, a flow from the Source of all that is, that can fill my heart and flow out towards others.  It is in a way neutral, due to its impartiality.  Its only hindrance is the strangling of it I sometimes cause.  It seeks the highest good for all.