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The Round-yoked Phoenix

As the phoenix is re-born from its ashes, this vest was re-knit with yarn re-used after re-winding, nothing major, the key of Dm.

I remember being in a busload of people screaming “second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.”

Here we have a second vest, a little bit wider and a little less messed.




bread jan 2015 bis

Different forms, same dough–like humans.


gray vest finished

The recycled yarn vest is finished.  I was surprised at the difference in my circular knitting and row knitting.  Nevertheless I am happy with how it turned out.



And-a two

beg vest 2

The start of another sweater vest.  This one is being knitted from unknitted yarn.  I hope it will settle into its new shape after being washed.  Hmmm, spell check doesn’t like unknitted.  Maybe it should be raveled as in “sleep which knitteth up the raveled sleeve of care” (Shakespeare).  Or unraveled?



Necessary Trumps Superfluous

After finishing one sock, I set that project aside to make a sweater vest for my husband.  Most of his have holes and unraveling and he needs to look decent for work whereas the socks will just be a treat for me.  I am almost up to the armholes.   Latvian vest 2   .