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September 29, 2006

A friend was speaking to a man accompanied by his young daughter.  The man felt that he could not get by without lying.  “Do you lie to your daughter?” asked my friend. “Oh, no, never,” was his reply.  “Then why not extend the same towards others?” asked my friend.

A man told me he lies all the time.  It felt like a brick wall.  Later I realized that is logically impossible, because he would have to have been lying when he told me that, if he always lies, and if he wasn’t lying when he told me that, then for once he was telling the truth.  Oh, well.  I will be ready if anyone else says that.

A Reminder

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Project “One Day with No Lying”


October 19, 2006


The idea is for as many people as possible to make an effort on the day to be honest.  It is not necessary to go around telling everyone what you think is the truth, just make an interior effort not to lie. 

Perhaps you are in a situation where it is unavoidable at the present time.  Just becoming aware of this can be a start towards change.

If you think this is a valid effort, please tell others about it.  The more there are who participate, the greater the effect will be.