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Inktober 2020, the Beginning

The cover with the title done with pen and nib, India ink.


A preface of sorts, genre stream of consciousness.

Pen and nib, purple Diamine shimmering ink.


First entry.  Staedtler 0.3, watercolour, red ball point.  Apples from our garden, mostly of the cider-making variety.




Creativity with Ravioli

At the supermarket, a package of industrially produced food caught my eye : ravioli with Gorgonzola and walnuts.  Hmm, my hand almost reached out but my head said “I could make that”.  So all I bought was some Gorgonzola.

I reflected for a while about what kind of sauce would best accompany this dish.  Not tomato, not just butter.  I decided to use Waldorf salad as my inspiration and cooked some apples down to applesauce, then added some celery, a small shallot, salt and the seeds from one pod of cardamom.  I did not let the celery cook too long as I wanted a crunchy element.

I shelled and finely chopped ½ cup walnuts which came to about 50 grams and blended them with the 150g package of Gorgonzola.

My usual pasta, one egg per person, as much flour as it will take.


I had extra filling which I put aside for another day.


At the last minute, I added two large dollops of crème fraîche and some pepper to the sauce.


Signs of Change

Signs of the change in season are becoming apparent, cooler mornings, gold-tinged leaves spread over hillsides, falling apples.

The first apples to fall are usually wormy ones.  They won’t keep.  I gathered a basketful of them and decided to cook them down into applesauce.  Cinnamon, cardamom and star anise will spice it up a bit.

It took me quite a while to get to the bottom of the basket.  It made me think about penitence, removing the wormy parts of my heart.  I will never get to the bottom of that basket (are you thinking, yes, she is a basket case?), but patience and perseverance count the most.


“Is there any creature, whose bones lie in the grave in the hope of My Mercy, worth praying to?  Apart from Mary, pregnant with the son, the woman sinner who also defied Me, but who made herself undergo great pain scraping the stains off her flesh, extracting the doubts from her heart, in order to be born again in purity, that woman who was weaker than anyone else.  Apart from her, who joined the spirits that stand in front of My Throne, among the golden luminaries, no creature is to be prayed to.”

RA 12/11-13


We can change if we choose to do so, a continuous task of rubbing, sanding, scrubbing, but oh so worth it.  Only if a certain number of people decide to do so can we avert the disaster the human race is on its way to becoming.



Then I went outside and refilled the basket.


RA = The Revelation of Arès

Une Fantaisie

Apples cooked in about 1 Tbsp butter and 2 tsp honey with 3 walnuts, a crumbled sage leaf and some cardamom. Purchased pâte feuilletée. Baked for about 15 minutes, then topped with ½ Crottin. Baked a further 5 minutes. Yum.


1 Free unpredictable creativity. 2 Strange fleeting taste, a whim. 3 A work of the imagination, a creation that does not follow the rules. …


I was a bit surprised when someone once commented on my knitting “oh, you did a point fantaisie (a fantasy stitch). After a while, I realized the French call anything that is not the classical named model “fantaisie”.


Mixing sweet and savoury is “fantaisie” and could be totally unacceptable for some people.

A Series of Apples

Don’t carpet your rut, dixit Brenda Swenson.  Ne pas mettre de la moquette dans votre ornière.  Don’t get too comfortable with your usual way of doing things.  Ne pas se contenter de faire comme d’habitude. Choose a simple subject and do it as many different ways as you can.  Choisir un sujet simple et le faire avec autant de techniques que possible. Alors, je suis tombée dans les pommes.

Link to her article:


Cinq Pommes I
Conté carrés esquisse


Cinq Pommes II
24x32cm   watercolour, no drawing


Cinq Pommes III
Staedtler pigment liner 0.6


Cinq Pommes IV


Cinq Pommes V


Cinq Pommes VI
Diamine Shimmering Ink–Magical Forest