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Picture Perfect: Collective

This exhibit was created collectively.  Its purpose is to examine what prevents us from changing.  Changing individually will lead to collective change towards a better world.  The exhibit differs from the norm in that it gets taken out in the street, collectively shown and viewed.  That makes me think of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers.


The texts read:

Resist the generalized idea that Love and Goodness are losers.

Resist the crisis, we must save Love.

Resist the “whatever” generation with the dynamics of free and evolving Faith.


The collective that produced this exhibit is inspired by The Revelation of Arès.  This is just a small sample, there are a few others in one of my photo albums.


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Exhibit: Resist

Resist the temptation to count everything which makes one deaf and blind.
Resist false ideas of sacred, what is sacred is man’s heart.
Resist all prejudice, be free.

An exhibit to examine what prevents us from changing.
Inspired by The Revelation of Arès.

We Went to the Movies



We don’t go to the movies very often as it is a bit far and our shared taste in films is narrow, but at our choral group someone recommended that everyone see “I Feel Good” and several others chimed in, saying, yes, yes, do go, and tomorrow will be the last showing.  So we did and about half of our choir was there.

The film is a documentary type about a choir called Young @ Heart.  The average age of the members is 80 and they sing rock and punk music.  They are located in Northampton, Massachusetts.  So here I am in a dark room in France, transported for a short while to the States.  It’s funny which things elicit an emotional response—I felt pangs as I saw them set out the folding chairs for the rehearsal, just the ordinary gray metal folding chairs, but the chairs aren’t like that here.  I laughed and I cried, maybe more crying as I thought about personal things.

One man’s blood counts were low and he had to go in the hospital.  That made me think about my brother-in-law who is fighting a brain tumor; his blood counts are closely watched. Another man was also hospitalized.  They showed him being moved from the hospital to a convalescent home.  I thought about my mother; she’s been in the hospital, moved to an annex, then to a nursing home, and now in another hospital, in the past month.  Another man sang even though he needed oxygen due to congestive heart failure.  He spoke of fluid retention in the legs and lungs, again I thought of my mother.  She had a heart valve replaced and a by-pass.  They all sang to the best of their abilities with all their beings, dedicating songs to those unable to be present.

If you don’t sing, you may not realize how beneficial it is.  Singing is my favorite form of pranayama (breathing exercises).  Strong bonds have been formed among the members of our choir where I have been singing for about 15 years.  We have had one member that died and we sang at his cremation.  I especially like singing in harmony and that is not something one can do alone.  Together we create something beautiful.  Hey, this would have been good for Picture Perfect: Collective.

People were fairly silent as we left the cinema; I think I wasn’t the only one that cried.

No rhyme or reason

For no rhyme or reason, sometimes a phrase during prayer pops out and sticks in my mind.  The last couple of days it has been “Abigail quickly got together two hundred loaves of bread, …” (I Samuel 25:18)  Two hundreds loaves of bread! I said to my husband.  Well, he replied, maybe it depends on what you call bread.  Even two hundred muffins!!! I said.  Ruminating on this, I think it may well have been pita bread.  With six hundred men, they would have had to cut the breads in three.  Why this stuff runs around in my brain, I don’t know.  Other times there are phrases that it seems ought to be significant but are lost to me, such as so-and-so went to such-and-such a place.  If it said they went to Montmartre or to the Bronx, it would mean something to me.  Many cultural references from the Bible no longer speak today.

Anyway, we had some milk starting to sour (raw milk) so I made some muffins today.  Just the plain recipe from “Joy of Cooking” to which I added some ground almonds, candied ginger, flaxseed, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Twelve muffins.  

Picture Perfect: Conserve

To conserve heat in our home,
 I made this « boudin » from old jeans, stuffed with old clothes.


Conserved in our hearts is a seed of the divine.  If we cultivate it, we develop our divine nature, one of loving-compassion, in His Image and Likeness.

Every man, even the one who has not received My Word ever, in the midst of trees and wild beasts, in the midst of the cities built with science, even the one who rejected Me before he knew Me, knows Who I am when I am speaking to him, for thousands of suns have risen over men since (the days of) My First Son, their father, but not so many so that men could not keep memories of Me through the Power of the Breath that I have exhaled onto them”

The Revelation of Arès 1/9b-10


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Woman Finds 2 out of 3 Headlines Disappointing

Seeing a headline about a good paying job consisting of living on an island, I clicked to read the article.  Hmm, duties include writing a blog and taking pictures.  That I can do.  And snorkeling.  Uh, oh, that sounds like in the water, even under.  That I don’t do.  Must be a strong swimmer.  Well, there goes that, eliminated before I even apply.  My husband told me later they had so many inquiries that their server went down.


Houses as low as $1000.  Wow!  At that price one could buy a house and give it back to the people who are getting thrown out.  But no, it’s not that simple.  One is obligated to bring the building up to code and pay taxes.  What a complicated system we have devised.

Now for the third one–a good article about marriage. (I am speaking from over 30 years experience.)

There is just one phrase to which I would take exception:
“Transforming a full-grown man — stripping him of decades-old habits, beliefs, and idiosyncrasies — is truly an impossible task.”

It is true that one should not get married hoping to do this.  It is true that one cannot do that for someone else, but a person can do so to him/herself. This is the essence of what “The Revelation of Arès” calls penitence. It is difficult, it takes time, but it is not impossible. I see it happening before my very eyes.