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A few words about my faith

Here are a few words about my faith in reply to a comment I received:

… I really wonder how you mix the coran and the bible in your daily life. What kind of worship does it create??? For example, do you pray and who? …

I believe in one God (the Creator, the Source-of-all-that-is) and that He speaks through His prophets. The most recent Message that I know of is The Revelation of Arès. I was very skeptical about it before reading it, but about halfway through it, I realized it is true. It shook up a lot of things I had believed previously. It revitalized my faith. In this Message, God refers to Muhammad as His messenger, therefore I began to read the Qur’an. It is from the same source, it is the same God who spoke through Adam, Azor, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, Elijah, Isaiah, Jesus, and today Mikal (to name some of the prophets). Many other prophets were called but did not fulfill their mission.

Yes, I pray, in the way redefined by The Revelation of Arès, which is to pronounce His Word in order to accomplish It. I read softly out loud from the Bible, the Qur’an and The Revelation of Arès, drinking in the Word, seeking to change within, so as to put my steps in line with God’s Steps.

The worship this creates is very personal, individual, even solitary.  It is the worship recommended by Jesus when he said to go into the upper room and pray.  At the same time, I am concerned about others; I try to remind them of what God has always said—be and do Good.  We can change the world if we change ourselves.

Picture Perfect : Sound

The main element of this image in rapport with the subject is the singing bowl, but each of the objects present has a story, evokes sounds, sounds of friends and children laughing, loving, living.

Sound therapy is a beneficial complementary method of treatment.  Personally I enjoy blending my voice with the bowl and also with others, in addition to playing the piano.  Sometimes I even sing along with the vacuum cleaner.

Pronouncing the Creator’s Word in order to accomplish it, prayer as defined in The Revelation of Arès, uses the element of sound to harness our whole being, not just reading with our mind and eyes, but using the mouth and ears, the physical vibrations, to reach our heart, like a spiritual alarm clock, not one of those irritating buzzers, but a nice harmonious one, helping us create our self as it was meant to be.

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(Bonus sound: rain and hail.)

Picture Perfect: Broken

The chair is broken but that doesn’t keep me from working.  I am using my prayer bench to knit, crosstitch, read, ponder an order of art supplies and – pray.  With prayer we prevent the connection to our Creator from being broken.

“You shall teach to pray, that is, proclaim My Word” The Revelation of Arès 35/4a
“Uttering My Word in order to achieve It, this is true piety.” The Revelation of Arès 35/6

A Prayer

When I first read « The Revelation of Arès » where it says to pray this prayer three times a day and once at night, I thought, how boring ! I don’t want to repeat the same words over and over every day. Isn’t that ritualistic? Superstitious? But the Word of The Creator says to do so, and so I tried it. Incredibly, I could feel something happening within me, as if a molecule of my self was changing each time. It is similar to The Lord’s Prayer but the differences are important or He wouldn’t have given it. It is less passive, showing us more of our responsibility.

« Father of the universe

You are the only Saint

Let your Sanctity prevail over us

So that we may do Your Will

So that we may get our food

So that we can forgive and be forgiven

So that we may resist temptation and and bring down the devil

So that we may be ruled by

Your Sanctity

Your Power and

Your Light. »

The Revelation of Arès 12/4

The person to whom God spoke, Michel Potay, writes a blog. This is his latest entry, giving this prayer and what he feels when he says it :


The prayer “Father of the Universe” inscribed on ceramic tiles on a wall of the chapel in Arès.