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No Laughing Matter
mixed media – A5

Love opens the eyes

Translated by djd

Excerpt from Réponse : 08mar20 216C39

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All institutions combat evil, including the press of course.  Ecologists fight against CO2, the unions fight against the greed of their bosses, medicine fights microbes, the Syrian democrats fight Bachar El Assad, Bachar El Assad fights the Syrians who do not submit to him, the police fight speeding on the roads, etc., etc.  However in reality, Man must understand that nothing poses a greater problem than himself : man, be he rich or poor, big or small, here or there.

The Revelation of Arès does nothing more than show man that he is not a stranger to evil, because evil is not a calamity come from elsewhere; evil is you, man!  Therefore man, the remedy to evil is simply yourself.  This is why penitence is the only possible way towards Good.  It is because you have forgotten this that Good is profoundly sleeping.  “Oh, no,” some cry to me.  “When Monsanto manufactures and commercializes poisons, where is the evil?  Monsanto!  It’s not our fault.”  To which one can reply, “Well, then, why do you, man, work for Monsanto?  The lab technicians who see these poisons in their test tubes and under their microscopes, why don’t they leave, indignant, saying ‘What? Manufacture such poisons? Never! We quit.'”  “It’s because they have to earn their livelihood,” is the reply.  I answer, “But if Mr. Monsanto makes poisons, it’s because he also needs to earn money and be useful to those who use these poisons, who could therefore also be assassins.”  Etc., etc.  It never ends.

Lets summarize!  The Revelation of Arès shows us that each and every one must understand that everyone, whatever their level may be, rich or poor, young or old, is connected to everyone else. This connected-ness can only be born from an action: penitence.  Every person, from the janitor to the director, has their usefulness in the business called humanity which cannot function happily unless there is love for one another.  Otherwise even if CO2 is conquered, Monsanto’s poisons eliminated, Bachar El Assad in prison, pensions recalculated fairly, as long as sin remains, any solution to evil that is not spiritual will never be more than a mask of suffering, like the mask worn on a nose at the Venetian carnival.  If The Revelation of Arès is insistent, it is because sin or suffering or simply evil, persist.  The Revelation of Arès is for all times; it is particularly for our time which is agitated and sometimes tempestuous.  William Shakespeare, who at times was prophetic, has King Lear say, “‘Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind.”  It is against this misery that The Revelation of Arès thunders to awaken Good which is the only remedy to Evil.  Love opens the eyes, contrary to what many think.



More sprouted seeds are showing.


If all goes well, this will grow into a persimmon tree and bear fruit.

Already I enjoy the marvel that is its germination.

Spiritual Life is Part of our True Nature

“Life, which begins in the depths within, is explained by the silent living of a totally different experience: the awakening of spiritual life which must be born from the animal life we have on Earth, but sooner or later must go beyond it.  When the dependence on the senses takes its distance, the pleasures of daily life remain legitimate, but lose their weight.  Nothing that we learn about material life can replace learning about spiritual life through penitence; the two must go together.  That is very difficult to understand and above all, to share, but it is our mission that it be understood.  This mission does not rest upon ideas, but on the deep metaphysical to be awakened in the depths of one’s being.  The Word, in effect, does not teach us anything that the human being does not already know.  The Ten Commandments are in the Bible, but who did not already know for centuries, well before the Bible was written, that one should respect their parents, not steal, not lie, not kill, etc.  Man knew all of that already, since within him is the image and likeness of the Father.  It is in this capacity that mankind must become spiritual again.  An ideology is always materialistic and in this capacity only convinces those who are convinced; spiritual life makes us escape from this rough bond and brings us back to Life.”

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Translated by djd

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