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A Day in May

The lilies of the valley were well advanced this year; their perfume fills the air today as we have some warmth.

One of today’s jobs in the garden was to plant runner beans. I have twelve willow branches reserved for this purpose. They can last several years if put under shelter during the winter.

I cleared a space of about 1 meter round and added some compost, then stuck in the sticks, tying them with string to dissuade the birds and also give some strength to the structure.

Then I got the beans I saved from last year, shelled them and chose twelve to plant.

I lay out a bean for each stake and then push them into the soil so as not to miss any stakes….mistakes, ha, ha….. If any should have a mishap, it is early enough in the year to sow more.

And now, the waiting begins.

The Season is not always Jolly

As I work in the garden, I can hear cattle lowing. Is it already time to separate them from their calves? I thought that was in May.

A car comes along the road. I remember that exultant feeling of “they’re here!” But I know it will not be my children.

Cattle lowing. Weeds fill the barrow. Mothers are longing.

Why the tears? A car came along the road.


I noticed a trend.

Not that I feel the need to be trendy. 🙂 It was somehow pleasing to my eye, a sort of seaweed or neurons or knotty mess, a neuro-something (I know the name now).

So I decided to have a go at what it appeared that others are doing.

I put down some colour with Woodies, spritzed, spread, let run and then dry. It was a nice afternoon with sun, outside at the art club (two of us are not allowed inside).

Then I did some scribbly lines, I felt the need to not leave any stray ends. Then I did the rounding the corners part. Then I just let my pen do what it seemed to want to do, picking out shapes.

It was a very serene moment. Other members of the club came out to spend some time with those of us who are kept at bay. I was reminded of the peaceful feeling that comes when doing a mandala, but even more relaxing because this does not have to look like anything representational.

Woodies, Staedtler pigment liner—A5

Afterwards I thought maybe I should find out more about this technique. ‘Cause like maybe there are rules or something. I watched some Youtube videos. It can be just a drawing technique or it can have more psychological, emotional, mental aspects. I learned that the area off the paper is society and that it is important to have lines extending to the edge of the page so as to go out in society. I realized I did not have any of those lines. Well, considering the situation, that is not surprising! Ha, ha! This is called neurographics. I also saw the term neurographica but that may be a trademark.

I will probably do more of this and perhaps incorporate bits into abstract pieces.

More freedom is being waved under our noses for March 14th.


Hunger that food cannot satisfy.

Hunger for something that goes far deeper than the physical. Hunger for what is Right, beyond our picayune rules and regulations.

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness”. I have had a negative reaction to this phrase because I always heard self-righteous in the place of righteousness. I now see that it means hungering for what is Right, longing for loving-kindness between all of humanity.

Can you love someone who is different from you? Can you eat dinner with them, sing in a choir with them? If it comes down to if they don’t have the code, they can’t buy food, will you look down on them or will you feed them?

I focus on my many blessings, but something gnaws at me within.

There Is a Rose in Breton January

Its name is William Shakespeare and it smells as sweet as one could desire.

There is also a snowdrop appearing.

These photos were taken on January 17th.

Saturday’s Art Work

I was privileged to attend a workshop with the theme Still Life.

Several objects were on a table. We did 5 minute sketches, varying techniques, angles, objects.

MG = main gauche (left hand)

We prepared backgrounds with acrylic and collage, some on paper and some on canvas. We used some of the paper ones and other materials to do collage. We used masks we cut out from a sort of Contac paper. This is the only kind of mask I appreciate by the way.

Further work will be done on these.

I believe these may be finished.

Autumn Beauty in the Garden

…on the way to hang out the laundry…

It’s Up to Us

"For me, the definition that The Revelation of Arès gives of man: flesh, spirit and soul (RA 7/17) is synonymous with: mass, gravity, weightlessness. Flesh is matter and its weight or heaviness, the spirit is weightless but clings to earthly reason as air clings to the Earth, the soul is weightlessness, upward force, the motor that brings us back to Eternal Life from which we came.

There is only one way to a changed world (RA 28/7), it is penitence and the soul results from penitence. [...] 

Penitence […}: Love all humans, forgive all offenses, make peace with everyone, try as much as possible to think with spiritual intelligence as well as with intellectual intelligence, make yourself free from all prejudices. This effort can only come from yourself. As it is, in short, all or nothing, there is no real method to achieve it, so the advice of others does little to give you the strength of this effort."

Excerpts from replies to comments at

Translated by google and djd