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Liberating, Stimulating

…”The Revelation of Arès speaks to each human, to the individual and to his or her individuality; it urges him or her to set himself or herself free of the mediocrity of general beliefs and opinions, of prejudices, and get back to the free magnitudes.
There is no mass solution to evil. Evil will never be conquered but in each man’s heart.” …

If you read in French, you can also enjoy the comments and the replies to them:

Almost In My Garden

Basking in the mellow moment of breakfast, that special moment one can sometimes feel early in the day or at dusk, the half-door open, hearing the birds, thinking about God and angels, how God follows the sunrise and sunset on all of the planets*, maybe there is a special concentration of His Energy at these times of day where if we would only open our eyes, we would see………….  The sound of hooves on pavement, I look out the window, thinking someone is enjoying an early morning ride, but see nothing, that is how it usually happens, when I hear something, they have already gone on down the road out of view.  A few minutes later, I hear hooves again, oh, they must be coming back up from the river, no, still no one visible on the road, but the sound seems to be hovering at our entryway, so I look out the door—-the big Breton horses are out on their own!  They look as though they want to visit my garden, no, no, I say, hopefully with enough authority to convince, but not so much as to frighten.  They turn away and continue up the road, entering a field of ripening grain.  Oh, boy, they are like out to breakfast at the diner; I hope they won’t get sick, I don’t know much about horses.

We know who they belong to, but not the owners’ last name or phone number.  They are part of the neighbour’s family, so my husband goes over to tell them and soon the owner arrives to lead them back to their field.  When we dominate, we are not free, although we usually think of the dominated one as being the slave.  One must constantly be imposing authority and bearing responsibility.  I hope it is a contract willingly entered; I can’t imagine a world so free as to provide each one with food just for the picking up of it, with no aggression from other beings.  Well, I want to see that, but I fear it is a long way off.  Meanwhile, I plan to try to dominate some plants and hopefully even some varmints.   They are eating the shallots and potatoes.

* “The dawn, I follow; the evening, I follow, over all of the suns.”  The Revelation of Arès XXXVIII/12

Seen In My Garden

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Approximately 3 Things on My MInd

I hilled up the potatoes again.  They are growing nicely, protected from mildew by the copper solution my husband applied.  A second sowing of peas has germinated after the first ones were eaten by whatever made that hole in the foreground.  I keep filling in the holes, collapsing the tunnels, in hopes that whatever will go away to a less tiring place to live.

I made some Moroccan pastries to take for an after-concert repast.  They are fairly rich; some were left over.  So now I have to discipline myself not to eat them all at once.  I try to only take 3 at a time and space out the times.  It reminds me of this verse:

“You are trembling, man Michel, your face has turned pale, because in your mind you are saying, ‘How will I manage to change as weak(-willed) and arrogant a people as they are countless since I do not even feel up to changing my own life?’ ”  The Revelation of Arès 6/1

Not that pastries are on the same level as the creation of a soul, but I can feel the same mechanism working, my weakness facing temptation and nevertheless the necessity to encourage change, that as many as possible resist temptation and practice goodness.

The phone rang at 8:30 this morning.  That is usually either something urgent or a wrong number.  This was from the States so I knew it was probably not good news, being in the middle of the night for them.  My brother-in-law has been admitted to the hospital feeling weak and dizzy, difficulty walking.  He has been valiantly fighting a brain tumor since August 2008.

This is a rose currently blooming near the garage.  I have not been able to determine what variety it is; it exudes a magnificent perfume.