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No Laughing Matter
mixed media – A5

Some Things Need Fixed

It started with a sachet from a pastry shop.  The motif caught my eye, but the truth of the matter was “not quite right”.  While one can often find pleasure in eating good food, it is not really an inexhaustible source of Happiness.

I wondered if I could find the letters for the word love (amour) in “gourmandise” since that is the true source of real happiness.  Yes, I did.  Then I filled the holes with hearts.  I also had a bit of a donut box I brought back from the States; “share jelly donuts” had tickled me right away.  This orange must be an international choice of colour for gourmandise.


This reminds me of the work to be done on oneself, changing so as to be loving and thus transforming the world.  I modified the word “compostable” to read” réalisable” because it is entirely possible.

A touch of Le Rustique, an orange one that comes with Muenster cheese.  Hmmm, Muenster with jelly donuts, how would that be?

I have been having fun with mixed media lately, often inspired by LorriMarie Jenkins.




A Foray into Scrapbooking

My interest in mixed media led me to take a workshop in scrapbooking.  It was prepared by Manuéla – https://hazartblog.wordpress.com/2019/03/12/en-mars-a-latelier-2/

I knew I did not want to use photos so I cut some watercolour paper to the prescribed sizes.  We didn’t get that far.  This is what I brought home:

These were made with stamps:

The main lesson point for the evening was the use of watercolour.  We used waterproof black ink for the stamps and then painted them with watercolours.  The mandala was made with two embossing products, white on white, and then painted.

These are the materials I had left:

Plenty for making some cards which were also included in the lesson plan.

After thinking over the colours and motifs, I decided ink drawings of mushrooms would go well.

Additional materials:

…and also some black paper.  One of the reference photos is my own and the other two were taken by a good friend who went out into her garden especially for this project. ❤

The finished piece:



Le Rustique Series N° 3

The Yellow Brick Road

Le Rustique Series

Now that I have done a second work using the paper that comes with a Coulommiers cheese, I think it may become a series.  The first is the tablecloth.

Home in Harmony
mixed media – 29cm square

The second is The Dress, memories age 7-10.

The Dress – age 7-10
mixed media


Inktober 11-15, 2018

Seedhead Bouquet – A3 – Staedtler 0.6 and Inktense


Pommes, cannelle et louche – 24x32cm – Shachihata Ergoline Calligraphy pen 3.0 black and watercolour


Walnuts – A5 – pen&nib India ink and watercolour


Comfy and Cheerful – A5 – Staedtler 0.3 and watercolour


Midnight Mountain – A5 – gesso, encre Sennelier bleu de Prusse, pincée d’acrylique, encre de Chine #inktober2018


Mixed Media Piece


A piece of cardboard with a coat of gesso. It was an old piece that had some glue on it.


Acrylic turquoise mixed with blue and some yellow.


Assembling elements from supermarket ads and Ikea catalogue and something I saved from a Coulommier cheese.  🙂


I could only find half of a potted plant so I created the other half of it with modelling paste.


Painted the plant and dabbed on some white acrylic where the blue was showing through the tablecloth too much. Toned down the white paper of the texts with watered down acrylic.


Poured glue on, spread with spalter, then applied tissue paper. Smoothed it somewhat, but the paper is fragile and tears if messed with too much. Waited for it to dry.



Glued the tissue paper edges to the back. Used some Caran d’Ache watercolour crayons to intensify the blue, define some shapes and shadows. Added a bit of gold acrylic.


Home in Harmony

29cm square