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Ain’t We Got Fun

Something different for me, I volunteered to participate in a traveling sketchbook.  Its theme is recipes.

First I had to translate and convert my recipe; then I had to bake the muffins.  Now I have to wait until the end of today’s fast to eat them.

Now I will return the book so it can go on its way for the filling of the remaining pages.

The thread for this project can be found here:


Micro Chard—a Luxury

Sometimes it’s not a bad thing be a bit negligent in the garden.  A chard plant went to seed last spring and I didn’t remove it until this spring which has resulted in hundreds of chard seedlings.  Since I need the space for beans, I weeded the area, separating the chard-weeds from the weed-weeds and brought them in for dinner.  Lightly wilted with butter melted into them, delicious!

Urban Sketching

It was fun to participate in a national get-together of Urban Sketchers in Lorient, France.

They had prepared circuits for each day.  The one for Saturday was in the port area.

I took minimal equipment with me and very much enjoyed myself.  The weather was splendid, albeit a bit windy.  I almost lost my eraser shield gadget. My paintbox kept flipping closed.  Hair was wild.

Here is what I did:  (all A5 format)