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Two projects finished

Here is the Icelandic-inspired sweater vest.  When it was about 3/4 done, I had my husband try it on, such as he could with needles and stitch holders and it really was a bit too tight, so I took it back to the state shown in a previous post.  I was afraid to have him try it on this time, but whew, a sigh of relief, it fits.

This year the association Couleurs de Bretagne is setting a theme for each out-of-season month as a means of maintaining communication and being active.  This month’s theme was snow.  I had to get a bit creative as we haven’t had any yet and none of my old pictures inspired me.  I decided to go out of the box and put myself (some aspects) into snow globes.

Snow Globes


Tuesday Feb 9 2016

For a few moments, the sky appeared to be damaged.  You know how when you scrape your knee and red shines through, well, the sky had some blue patches.  It quickly self-healed however.

On the way home I saw fields beginning to resemble rice paddies.  I sailed through two mini-lakes.

A home-cooked meal awaited and then the entertainment began.  XXL flakes.


noon feb 9 2016

Not a Tree Climbing Day

The view from our front door this morning.

The view from our front door this morning.

The View from Here Today

view jan 18 13

It’s nice being in a warm house working on an inside job.

I had to redo the better part of a long row of caning.  Somehow the cane had flipped over to its wrong side.  Probably while I was looking out the window.  🙂