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Happy New Year!

My best wishes to all for a happy new year and may we appreciate all the blessings we receive.

The photo was taken just now; this is my latest painting. I had a lot of fun doing it, using a knife, a roller, some brushes, a rag…. (acrylics)

I was amusing myself by making a list of positive words that start with V. Vitality, vim, vigor, valiant, viridian, vigorous, vine, valid, view, the vapor before dawn*, vivacious, vegetables, vest, verb, vellum, verbena, vocal, VOST, vitamins, virtue…

  • ” You are the haze before the Dawn. The eye of the king(s) cannot see (it yet, but) the fly (already) drinks from it.” RA xix/18

It is not the changing number on the calendar that will change the world, it is each one of us, by our actions, by what is in our hearts. Those in power do not see this, but I have faith that consciences will continue to awaken so that we recover our humanity, our divine image, rather than lose it.

More than a Thinking Animal

This is a translation of an excerpt of a reply to a comment on http://michelpotayblog.net/192.html/192Esperance-comments-french.html  Réponse 27dec17 192C11

You can read the original blog entry in English here:


Modern man in western civilization is not very receptive or even not at all receptive to the idea that a human being is more than an intelligent animal.  He thinks it is better to occupy oneself talking about politics, work, leisure, good meals, well-being, than to meditate on the fact that he is undeniably a being different from the other beings of the planet: elephants, dolphins, mosquitoes, trees, algae.  Few of our contemporaries spend much time thinking about their life, their destiny, their death, their joys, their suffering, possessed by a furious desire to live and enjoy everything for a few decades.

Even those who say they are believers, who are receptive to what we say in the street*, think that if there is “something” elsewhere or after death, it can only be good and there’s no need to worry about it, since we don’t see or know anything about it.  “Error”, we say, “you are mistaken; the creative Life Force speaks to us without ceasing.  The proof: The Revelation of Arès.  A story, you say?  But do you realize that you believe ‘cross your heart’ a quantity of things that don’t even have a human witness, which are spread without the slightest indication of their existence, except a horoscope, a tip for the races or other hot air?  We have a thousand times more reasons to believe the witness of The Revelation of Arès than to believe the speeches of politicians or pythonesses, to only mention them!”  Simone Veil said, upon return from the death camps where she lost her family, “No one wanted to listen to us!  It was as if the exterminating camps had never existed.”  It’s the same today, no one or almost no one wants to listen to us.  But that will change!

translated by djd

*We say that penitence, individuals changing so as to be and do Good, will change the world and will eventually bring about the restoration of creation as it was meant to be.

Let Us Prevent the Worst from Happening

I have mentioned before that humanity is at a time of crisis.  It really is urgent that we change, even though the necessary effects, sufficient results to make a difference on the world scale, will take several generations.  Following are two excerpts (which I have translated) from replies to comments on the entry about non-duality in Michel Potay’s blog. Our individual efforts to be and do Good WILL make a difference.




The sin of sins? Simple. It is a cancer which will affect humanity to the point where humanity will have to await a recreation and will no longer be able to recreate itself through penitenceLife will not have been recovered, but as time does not exist for Life, it will be able to return, since Creation never ceases, (RA xxii/12) perhaps after several billion years, if that can possibly represent anything for the absence of time in which lives the Creator and Life, of which we are permanent atoms, be we incarnated or not.

I was therefore already here before being born as Michel Potay in the 20th century rather than in the 10th century of Hugues Capet or the 5th century BC of Zeno of Elea—the moment of my carnal appearance, my close link with the animal, is of no importance—I was here through the capacity of my innumerable fathers and mothers before me to transmit human life.  The cancer of sin can arrive, bad fruit of the contingency linked to the fluctuations of my will, but when it will totally affect the human capacity to have a soul, that will be the sin of sins.  It will be, par excellence, the evil which will cause suffering both to the creature and the Creator.  That is why the Father fears it as much as we do.  There will be suffering, absence of happiness, terrible attraction towards the initial Chaos without a return to Chaos, which would after all bring some relief, a return to zero.  But no, there will be painful pulling, great suffering, until Creation, continuous, infinite, reabsorbs it to transform it, but let’s not get off subject.

If I have the possibility to change the world, I who am isolated in the world, apparently incapable of influencing it so enormous it is compared to me, it is because I am like the world, linked to All where the forces of Good are infinitely stronger than the forces of Evil, but we must convince the world of this which only laughs and believes the opposite.  Therein resides the difficulty of our mission.  How can that be explained to such obscured brains other than by using the simple metaphors of the Word?

Excerpt from 26jan16 171C86   Réponse


The ordinary people who read this blog must think that we are completely off our rockers. They think so because they do not see that there are two possible worlds, the present one and a changed one.  Observing the little effect produced by our discourse in the street, “Be penitent and you will change the world!”, what can we conclude?  That the world is irremediably blind and deaf?  That it is totally lazy and hypocritical?  That we are in an unachievable Truth? It is by asking themselves such hopeless questions that so many have left us during the last 42 years.  For them it is a question of psychological comfort.

But us, we hold on.  You two are of those tenacious ones.  It is because we need an extraordinarily strong faith that the Father came and spoke Himself in 1977.  It was the same when He Himself came to speak to Moses because to free the Hebrew slaves from their Egyptian jailers was an absurd project, 3300 years ago.  The Exodus failed, it stopped in Canaan instead of spreading to the whole Earth, the true Promised Land.  All must be started over.  But what is 3300 years in the history of the Earth?  Nothing.  It was yesterday and that is the proof that the continuity of the Design cannot be broken and we must go forward.

Excerpt from 26jan16 171C87 Réponse


Translated by djd

Rise out of the Vortex

“For the Lord has a case
Against the inhabitants of this land,
Because there is no honesty and no goodness
And no obedience to God in the land.
[False] swearing, dishonesty, and murder,
And theft and adultery are rife;
Crime follows upon crime!
For that, the earth is withered:
Everything that dwells on it languishes–
Beast of the field and birds of the sky–
Even the fish of the sea perish.

Hosea 4:1b-3
Hosea- a prophet in the 800’s BC

And you wonder why there is climate change?  Why does nature seem to be more and more out of whack?

When has humanity lived according to our Creator’s will–practicing love, peace, forgiveness, freedom, using our heart’s intelligence?

“…for I have given the princes time to listen to My Word, and still more than the time needed to repent!
Since they have not repented (and since they keep) laying claim to My Strength and diverting piety toward their false works,
you shall establish the true piety of My People,
you shall teach Truth,
you shall love My People,
you shall help the oppressed man against the oppressor,
the despoiled man against the despoiler;
along with your brothers of the steppes, those who do not utter My Name, you shall establish equity.
(It is) better to establish it without (mentioning) My Name than let what I loathe rule in My Name.
This, I shouted out from the hills, My Shout set the billows heaving off Gennesaret,
but the multitude that was listening to Me remained seated.
It would have been better for them not to recognize My Voice,
but to rise as the waves of the sea, as the deaf obstinate waves rushing at the (ridge of) rock that bars their way;
they would have defeated sin, abomination as high as a cliff.
But the multitude that was listening to Me remained seated with their rulers and priests.
I have waited (for them to rise), and now I rise instead of them.”

The Revelation of Arès 28/9b-12
Jesus speaking as messenger in 1974

We can change the world if we change ourselves from within, doing what our Creator has advised throughout the ages, being Good.

snowdrop 2014

A snowdrop brings hope.


Hope for Humanity

Are you aware of your spiritual nature?

Can you feel “something left like a wisp of vague nostalgia of the very old days when he was a God, immersed in the Creator (Rev of Arès 2/13).”?

A Good Man Gone

My brother-in-law died after fighting glioblastoma since August 2008.  Many are saddened at the loss of such a good man at the age of 57 ¾ years. 

He was our best man.  For 35 years he was a brother to us, way beyond “the law”.

Brother-in-law, husband, myself, my sister

He was at peace when he left his body.  Friends and family gathered for a joyous celebration of life.  We made his favorite cake for the meal which was shared afterwards.  Actually we made 10 cakes which meant 30 layers.  It felt good to be doing that for him.

So now he is physically absent which leaves a big hole, but I look forward to the day of resurrection.  We can hasten that day if we work towards changing the world for Good.  That is part of the Message given in Arès, that God is waiting for us to change so that His Day can come.

“… you shall toil, your arms will be bruised with the blows dealt to you, (they will be) scratched by the thorns; but heavy sheaves rich in good grain will pile up behind you, under their weight the floors of My Barns will creak and groan.
Then My Day will break.
I will gesture to the planet to stop (revolving) under your feet; there will be no longer day or night, but My Light will cover everything continuously;
I will descend to visit My Barns, I will stretch out both of My Arms over the universe, then it will shout for jubilation, it will tremble with delight, the stars will lighten as if ablaze, they will inflame and consume the remaining brushwood and thorn(bush).
I will lean over the graves, the funeral urns, the seas, the bones and ashes will quiver under the caress of the souls descending along with Me from the Saint’s Heights,
they will put themselves together and stand up.”

The Revelation of Arès 31/7-11

free soul blog entry 102

I felt like I had received a gift when I read this entry:


Woman Finds 2 out of 3 Headlines Disappointing

Seeing a headline about a good paying job consisting of living on an island, I clicked to read the article.  Hmm, duties include writing a blog and taking pictures.  That I can do.  And snorkeling.  Uh, oh, that sounds like in the water, even under.  That I don’t do.  Must be a strong swimmer.  Well, there goes that, eliminated before I even apply.  My husband told me later they had so many inquiries that their server went down.


Houses as low as $1000.  Wow!  At that price one could buy a house and give it back to the people who are getting thrown out.  But no, it’s not that simple.  One is obligated to bring the building up to code and pay taxes.  What a complicated system we have devised.

Now for the third one–a good article about marriage. (I am speaking from over 30 years experience.)

There is just one phrase to which I would take exception:
“Transforming a full-grown man — stripping him of decades-old habits, beliefs, and idiosyncrasies — is truly an impossible task.”

It is true that one should not get married hoping to do this.  It is true that one cannot do that for someone else, but a person can do so to him/herself. This is the essence of what “The Revelation of Arès” calls penitence. It is difficult, it takes time, but it is not impossible. I see it happening before my very eyes.

Picture Perfect: Everyday Thanks

For some unfathomable reason, the Creator seems to be keen on His human creatures.  He talks to them what must be everyday on His scale (1000 years, give or take a few).  I am thankful for this as it gives me hope, since He still has hope that we will realize our divine nature.  Pronouncing His Word with the desire to accomplish it, most everyday, gives me the strength and courage to try to change myself.  I may not get very far down the road, but at least I know in which direction to go.  This is my everyday thanks which also includes all the many blessings I receive and helps me see there is a way out of the rest.

For more entries on the theme of everyday thanks, go to Picture Perfect.


(shown are The Tanakh-the new Jewish translation of the Old Testament in English, The Message-a translation of the New Testament in modern English, the Qur’an in modern English and The Revelation of Arès-bilingual French and English)