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A Day in May

The lilies of the valley were well advanced this year; their perfume fills the air today as we have some warmth.

One of today’s jobs in the garden was to plant runner beans. I have twelve willow branches reserved for this purpose. They can last several years if put under shelter during the winter.

I cleared a space of about 1 meter round and added some compost, then stuck in the sticks, tying them with string to dissuade the birds and also give some strength to the structure.

Then I got the beans I saved from last year, shelled them and chose twelve to plant.

I lay out a bean for each stake and then push them into the soil so as not to miss any stakes….mistakes, ha, ha….. If any should have a mishap, it is early enough in the year to sow more.

And now, the waiting begins.

Happy May Day 2021

This year the lily of the valley is right on time. 🙂

May 1, 2019

This year the lilies of the valley are “right on time”.  As a bonus, you also have here some wild strawberry flowers.  🙂

Happy May Day

May 1, 2018

Happy May Day

May 1, 2017

Happy May Day!

This year the lilies of the valley have been in full bloom for about 10 days already.  We had approximately a month with no rain.  Fortunately the weather has changed, rain has and is falling, but there may be frost.

I realize this day is associated with pagan practices, but I like to use it as a seasonal marker and appreciate the beauty of all our Creator has made.


Happy May Day

muguet 2016


It looks like we will have to wait for the lilies of the valley this year.


Happy May Day

muguet 2015

This year the lily of the valley is just beginning to bloom for May Day.  The honesty is in full bloom. We do try to cultivate that here.  🙂


A video from yesterday which could have been taken today:


May Day 2014


muguet 2014


The lilies of the valley are in full bloom on this year’s May Day,

exhaling their appreciated perfume.


A bonus photo, near the door:

doorstep may 2014






May Day 2013

muguet 1 mai 2013

Happy May Day!

This year the lily of the valley has not opened yet but the buds are lovely with their promise of perfume soon to come. May Day has dawned as a gray day with a west northwest wind.  Temperature was 5.8°C upon arising.

Today is La Fête du Travail in France, like Labor Day.  Some of the politically inclined, led by unions, will march.  Most people hope for nice enough weather to have a cook-out.  If the day off can be managed into a long weekend, that’s even better.

Our Creator recommends that we work:

“for work is (a) good (thing) for the worker, and he gets reward for it.”  The Revelation of Arès 16/8

He does not approve of domination nor exploitation:

“Outside the wall the cruds lay down the women, the(ir) fire rake pulls the money (in), (they) eat the cream of earth; (they) cover My Hand (like) the cockroach, (they) swat (It); (they) hitch the people (like) the dogs.”  The Revelation of Arès xxxii/14


May we choose to practice love in all areas of our dally life, working for the Good of everyone in each thing we do.