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Chair and Garden

Here is step 4, a decorative band around the edge.

chair step 4


Now the chair has been reassembled.  Have a seat!

chair finished




I went out into the garden; the light was shining into the greenhouse giving a golden glow.  I ran back in the house to get the camera.  A cloud floated over the sun but there was a space between two clouds where I thought a ray might again appear.  However, the two clouds formed this one long band exactly at the sun’s level, so I took the photo without its illumination.

dusk jan 13



jan greenhouse


I have done some clearing and cleaning, washed the glass, added manure.  One tomato plant is still alive as is a pepper plant from 2011.  Tender plants are over-wintering, scented geraniums, an ivy geranium, felicia and artemis.  Parsley has become “perennial” since I let one go to seed.


Outside the camellia has buds.

camellia jan 13






Chair, Step 3b …

… or from how many angles can one photograph a chair seat?

chair step 3b

This shows 3 strands of step 3b in place.  Step 3a was on the diagonal going under the horizontals.  Step 3b is the other diagonal going under the verticals.

Chair, Second Step

chair 2a


I realized I should be making little groups of 4 rather than something evenly spaced so I readjusted everything.


 chair 2b


Meanwhile something has come up in the garden.  Makes me want to get out there and scratch around, just have to wait for the rain to let up.  What did I plant there?  Ah, yes, some kind of bulb with blue flowers that I was given in a plant exchange.  Scilles, if I remember correctly, which may be Siberian squill.




You can also see one of our special volcanic rocks, not to be confused with a potato.  🙂





Three Projects

I have set three projects for myself to accomplish in the near future.


A chair to re-cane….

chair to cane

A wall to re-point…

wall to point

First, in order to be able to move the piano, I had something called “bridge à roulettes” installed.  I can now move it myself, almost with one hand.

 bridge à roulettes


Third project is to paint the wall behind a stove…

fireplace paint job

 I plan to imitate the stone encircled in purple.


I have started on the chair.

clean chair

 I got rid of the old caning, rubbed the wood with steel wool and waxed it.  I didn’t realize how dirty it was until I stared cleaning it.  Similar to searching one’s soul to make it good.  We all think we are pretty good.


début trame

 Here is the first step.  I have instructions in a book called “L’Encyclopédie Faites Tout Vous-même” which has been a treasure trove of how-to information for us over the years.  This chair is one of a pair.  I did its mate about 25 years ago, before we bought this house.  I seem to remember it taking me either 6 weeks or 6 months.  I had a lot of other stuff going on then with two young children.

I did the second half of this step twice as I wasn’t satisfied with the way it came out.  Then I modified the left edge so the rows are more vertical.  The trapezoidal form creates a few complications.

I was working in a white room with a fairly large window but had to turn on the lights at noon to see what I was doing, the sky was so dark.  The cane has a wrong and right side, mustn’t get it twisted.

To be continued….