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October 26, 2006

Plus which – a few days ago an Englishwoman said to me, “you haven’t lost your accent, have you.”

I’m just a poor wayfarin’ stranger, stickin’ out like a sore thumb wherever I go…

Check That Tongue

I ate lunch out today – a small restaurant called  Le Bistro de Cathy.  Cathy was smoking the whole time.  Over the speakers a popular, aggressive type radio station was playing.  I don’t know how people can fill their heads with that sort of thing all day long.  I ordered le plat du jour which was served almost immediately – chicken with pleurotes (a kind of mushroom) in cream, accompanied by fries and salad.  Good.  Then since dessert was included I accepted a mousse au chocolat.  I usually don’t want to have this anymore in a restaurant because I know, I KNOW, the ones we make at home are better.  But I also know their Iles flottantes will be even worse compared to what my husband makes, and I don’t like apple pie.  So the mousse had it.   Had my vote, I mean.   Not too bad – more creamy than mousse-y, only a slight hint of something artificial – maybe they use sterilized cream?  A woman came in while I was eating and apologized profusely to La Patronne who replied “I am too nice.”  I didn’t hear what the problem was, but apparently it was the waitress late for work.    She took away my plate when I had finished, brought me the dessert, proposed coffee or tea which I declined.  I asked for the check.  When she took my money she told me I speak good French.  !!!!!!!    ?????   Did I say 10 words to her?  I count – maybe 13 words…  I have had it up to the eyeballs and beyond with remarks based on my accent.  Often the person is just trying to be nice, but it doesn’t feel good to me – it feels like I am an extra-terrestrial maybe.  After 30 years of living in France , married to a Frenchman, if I didn’t speak French, now that would be remarkable.  I know others can’t tell that just by looking at me, but it still doesn’t feel good to hear remarks on my accent.  Actually, everybody has an accent.  One just rarely hears one’s own – only those who sound different.  Funny, no one ever says anything about my crooked nose.

October 06, 2006

Almost Ready Nut


What more pleasant way to spend a few minutes than outside on a breezy autumn afternoon, during a sunny break from the rain, picking up nuts?  It seems I read once that a nut never falls far from the tree and yet, to my surprise, I found one in the grass I was trimming about 10 yards from the tree!  I think a mouse must have been trying to make off with it. 

Once I found one when weeding that had sprouted.  I potted it and tended it and now it has been planted where it will hopefully have enough room to fully develop.

If you have never eaten fresh nuts, you might be surprised; it is not the same taste as dried ones.  I can only describe it as fresher, moist, not so mature. And yum!

October 03, 2006

In my mailbox today:

Fox Fires Reporters For Telling the Truth About Milk – And as a result, a Florida court decided that news organizations have no obligation whatsoever to differentiate between truth and lies.

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October 01, 2006

One of our innate gifts from the Creator is the word, speech.  In the beginning, we dwelt in truth.  Then we chose to know good and evil and so now have the choice between truth and falsehood.


Some old song words floating through:

…we are light, we are stardust, we are golden,

And we have to get back to the garden.