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The Key to Good in the World

In His immense Wisdom, with The Revelation of Arès, the Father gives us a very simple key: penitence, to unlock the door that will permit Good to enter the world.  Perhaps we do not insist enough on this simplicity as realization of His Design.  Mankind expects the complications and obscurities of the legal system—laws are the base of the legal system and there are so many, even jurists are becoming lost.  Man has in his heart, in love, the code which enables him to put away in a closet all legal codes.

We must awaken love, make a hole in the indifference, coldness, laziness, ice…prelude to frozen specters…so that Good, too far removed, may return.  What has man become?  Not only condemned to die—each of us is, only the moment of execution varies—but miserable, hungry for peace and happiness yet incapable of giving himself that peace and happiness.  Everything becomes quite complicated in this world, so much so that this complication agitates and derails the mind, prevents the fulfillment so necessary to happiness.  I was having lunch a short while ago with my grandchildren and I said to myself: they are preparing their baccalaureate exams, soon they will enter institutions of higher education, and the worries of life will begin.  The preparation of peace, the solution to the worries, is in the love they will give, because one only receives love if one gives love.

excerpt from

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Translated by djd

Some Things One Doesn’t Notice at the Car Dealer’s

You don’t really know how a car is made until you wash it.


One can see straight through these wheels!  The brakes are right out in the open air, mud, etc!  Is that normal?  The green is the reflection of the grass.  I guess the hubcap is shiny clean.  🙂



Then I found these cute little cubby-holes for planting potatoes, empty for the moment, but self-refilling. All we have to do is drive to the corner and they will get lots of fertile topsoil.



So I have to wonder—don’t any car designing engineers live in the country?  Do they ever wash their own car?  On any car I have ever washed, I always have trouble with those logo, model thingeys, impossible to get clean.


My desk area

This is how I found it this morning; of course, that’s how I left it last night.



It looks like some kind of metaphysical set-up for a still life.  I suppose it could be psychoanalyzed but I have to go—I haven’t finished my homework.




February 2, 2017

The way it was blustering and raining all night long, with more stormy weather forecast for the next few days, I really did not expect to see my shadow today.