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Cookies en Coeur (choeur)

It’s a funny thing; when I sit down to knit, hardly have I done two stitches when I get ideas for doing other things.  I was planning to make a pound cake to take to choir practice tonight but last night, not even halfway through a row of knitting, I decided that heart-shaped chocolate covered cookies with 16th notes would be much better.  So I got to work on a stencil for the notes, resulting in little bits of paper flying around a room I had vacuumed that very morning.

I used a simple recipe for pâte sablé that is in the Moulinex book that came with the food processor.  300g flour, 115g sugar, 150g butter, (I added some allspice)  blend that well with the S blade, then add 2 eggs, blending until it comes together.  Roll out, cut and bake.

I melted half a bar of Lindt baking chocolate, thinned it with some hot water, stirring well, and glazed the cookies.  I waited a bit to let them set, then I used the stencil with powdered sugar and a spoon, tapping a little bit.  Just like photocopied music, some came out clearer than others.

cookies baked

I have plans….


cookies à coeur

Et voilà, des cœurs à double croches.  🙂


Brave Cyclamen

brave cyclamen

Come wind, rain, hail (haven’t seen much sun), this cyclamen has been blooming bravely for several months bringing a spot of cheer in our dreary weather.  Not bad for a spur of the moment purchase on sale at a supermarket.

Before clicking to post here, I was looking at the weather report (red alert for wind, waves and high water) and skimmed some comments people had made.  I was surprised to see some saying it is God punishing us.  I have read that the greater part of the French people are atheist.  I don’t believe that God intervenes in such a direct way as to send storms on the bad guys, but I do believe there are consequences, often random, all the way down the line resulting from our actions.  Another comment said we pay enough tax, we should be able to choose our weather.  People are losing confidence in the system and rightly so as it cannot provide the solution to our problems.  Only inner change, manifesting in our deeds and ways of being, can bring about a better world.

Things may look bad but I have hope, like this bright cyclamen.  I am counting on my fellow human beings to develop their divine nature, the one our Creator breathed into us.  This is the message given in The Revelation of Arès.