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Picture Perfect: Angles

This is the bell tower at the chapel in Arès, the place where God spoke directly to a man in 1974 and 1977.  Its clean simple angles are evocative of the message given—be good, change this world, the message ringing out by means of an iron voice.  I see many things from a different angle now.  We approach the Creator from many different angles; He sees them all.


“He never forsakes a sinner in his penitence ; all the sinners he fortifies during their ascent,
those who pray to Him in silence,
those who pray to Him shaking bells and candles,
those who pray to Him seven times a day,
those who do not pray to Him but who know Him,
those who count the sunrises until His Day comes
and those who count the moons,
those who burn incense to Him and shout toward Him,
those whom the incense and shouts annoy,
those who see Him white and those who see Him black,
and the deniers of all of those,
the countless multitude whose names a flood of ink would not suffice to list, whose names the Father knows.”  The Revelation of Arès 25/6


I am sorry this image is small, but I cropped it severely so as to emphasize the angles.

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Ramadan Reasoning

Back in June when I signed up for a five-day art workshop including lunch which will take place in September, it never  occurred to me that it would be during Ramadan.  It is not something I think about all the time nor something I feel obliged to do every year, but as it was a positive experience for me last year (the first time), I felt like doing it again this year.  But…  So as I pondered, I thought how the Qur’an says fasting is good for you if you only knew.  Yes.  God doesn’t want to make things hard for you.  OK.  If you are traveling, you can make up days missed.  Hmm, there is leeway.  But too much leeway and there will no longer be any resemblance to the original.  I decided to make those days up in advance.  That seemed to me to be the most honest.

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Happiness and Tears

I took this photo on the plane–they served us these crackers as a snack. 

This is dedicated to my brother-in-law and sister. I love them very much.  We enjoy cracking jokes.  Jokes celebrate good times and help us get through the bad.  My brother-in-law was operated on yesterday for a brain tumor.

Picture Perfect: Ten Minutes

Little bike blue

You’ve rusted your horn

Oaks stand by as you

Rest in the field, shorn.



This was approximately a ten minute expedition by the time I turned around and came back after the scene caught my eye, and walked across the field to place my bike.  A bit more if you count the time my husband spent pumping up the tires.  You don’t have to go very far to find beauty, to see examples of synergy between our Creator and us.  You don’t need a bicycle (or a tractor) to work on the field within.


“I do not raise anyone forcibly. My Arm waits at the end of man’s arm; he grasps It if he wants to.  If My Hand and his hand together hold the hoe, man is a thousand years old, and can still bite.”

The Revelation of Arès XXX/6-7

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Picture Perfect: Precious

The most precious thing we have is our soul.  We are not born with it; it is something we create by the way we are, the way we live—doing and being good.  There are truths on the universal level that are beyond the grasp of our finite minds so God uses parables and images.  To illustrate the soul, He gives the example of a well-constructed boat with a strong sail.  He refers to the soul as being our true body and the means of close contact, communication, with Him.  (See “The Revelation of Arès” chapters 4, 17, 18,…)  May we be a multitude that joins the heavenly fleet suggested by this photo taken at Arès.


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Coherent Strings

Yesterday while I was working on the bedroom walls I had the radio on, listening to France Music.  A man was talking about playing in a string quartet.  He said more important than playing your part well (image of a show-off virtuoso) is to play so as to make the other person’s part coherent.  This struck a chord with me.  Were we to apply this in all relationships, it could be instrumental in creating harmony in the world.  It is a question of setting ego aside and encouraging each one to do his/her best.


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