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Djd Has a New Toy

Fountain pen sketchers were talking about Fude pens.  They looked very interesting.  Then a friend let me try hers out.  What fun!  So I ordered one.

They come from Japan.  It was expected to take 3 weeks but came after only one.  Woo hoo!

A small origami was included in the package.  This is a Sailor Fude (pronounced foo-day).  It was originally meant for calligraphy.  According to the angle at which one writes or draws, the line will vary in thickness.

The nib has a bent point.  This one is at 55°.

Of course, I had to dirty some paper.  A5

The pen comes with two cartridges of black ink, not permanent.  So much fun when touched with a wet brush (carefully).  I also ordered a converter which is on its way separately.  This is basically a refillable cartridge.  We will see how much of a mess I make with that!



Dry Etching

Today I attended a workshop and learned a new technique.

The table was prepared.


This is the press.

Put down a protective piece of paper which can be marked to aid with placement, then the inked plate, then the damp watercolour paper,

then roll it.


We used these tools to gouge lines on a copper plate.


The next step was to spread ink and then lift off the excess.


This is my work for the day.  1 – A preliminary sketch.  A very good idea as otherwise I would not have been able to fit my subject in the space allotted.  The copper plate was 10cm square.  2 – The etched plate.  3 – A test print on medium weight paper.  4 – First print on watercolour paper with black ink.  5 – Print with sepia ink.  6 – Print with black ink mostly wiped off, followed by sepia ink.  7 – Black ink followed by light washes of watercolour.  8 – Sepia with attempted textures.

Inktober 16-21

Inktober 8-14, 2017

Another week’s work (play…)

Inktober 24-31, 2016

And so Inktober comes to an end for this year.  With 29 drawings, I attain a participation rate of 93.5%. Little by little, I think my crosshatching is improving.               I hope you have enjoyed seeing these drawings.  Maybe you will give it a go next year. *


pen shopping

I went into an office supply store to look at pens.  I may use some tangling techniques this summer and don’t want to run out of ink in the middle of something for a contest.  It was a lot of fun in October (inktober) using ink with pen and nib but sometimes it was awkward.  The Bleu de Prusse ink was especially a bother, it seems to be a bit thick but I don’t know if it is a good idea to water down the whole bottle.  I wondered if there was something like a cartridge pen that one can fill with bottled ink.  I saw nothing like that in the store I went into the other day, but since then have seen via Internet that such a thing does exist.  Would that leak in a purse or pocket?

I fell for this cute little turquoise pen and bought refills for it, but even though it says “turquoise” in two (or maybe four) of the languages on the box, the box is printed in turquoise and the pen itself is turquoise right down to the underside of the tip, it does not write in turquoise. Bummer.

not turquoise ink

Inktober October 10-15, 2015