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Raw Is Not New

This is the cover from the July 1978 issue of this magazine.  The article was written by Jeff Cox.  He mentions enzymes, vitamins, leukocytes, the benefits of raw food for intestinal health, diabetes, cancer, referring to the work of John M. Douglass, Henning Karstrom, Rick Ingrasci, Michael Janson, Ann Wigmore, Paul Kouchakoff, Francis M. Pottenger.

I remember doing a paper in college in 1975 about food additives and modifications, particularly concerning hydrogenated fats.  The research I found about it was done in the 1950’s and it took until the 1990’s for mainstream policies to be changed.  Forty years.

Our physical health is important because we need our body in order to nourish our spiritual nature since the soul is created by doing good.  It’s not easy to do good deeds if you don’t have a body.  Our bodies and minds work together to build the soul.  This was pointed out clearly in The Revelation of Arès, a message received in 1974 and 1977.  Perhaps the time is ripe?  Are we ready to listen and act?  To change our behaviour so as to change the world?  To go deeper than what we eat physically and change what we produce spiritually?  How about the living goodness of love, forgiveness, peacemaking, no prejudice or judgment?

Throwing Away Dreams

“Aujourd’hui j’ai jeté des rêves”, I said to my husband last evening.

I still have the hope of having what one could properly call a living room.  From time to time, we make progress.  There are a few boxes left to go through.  It’s hard to do this.  It confronts us with how time has flown, how things have evolved.  Stuff has been in these boxes since we moved, 23 years ago, although not undisturbed.  Regularly I would find myself rummaging through them, looking for something I knew was there, but where?  Yesterday I found maps and packages of tourist information.  Some of these date back to my college days when I would send in coupons from magazines and receive things like What to See and Do in the Carolinas or guides to the Dakotas and Montana.  Others are from before we bought this old house, when we used to visit places.  However, what use is a 30 year old map of Switzerland for example?  So I decided to part with these things.

“You put them in the yellow bag, didn’t you?”,  my husband asked.  “They aren’t thrown that far away, you could get them back if you wanted….”  The yellow bag is for recyclable items.  I guess that sort of gives a momentary moratorium.

In another box there are issues of Organic Gardening.  I flipped through the pile, looking at the titles.  “Feel better: eat a raw food diet”  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I thought that was a somewhat recent idea, but this article was in the July 1978 issue.  I closed that box, waiting for later to make those decisions.  

The worst thing is that we filled our new shelves before we finished emptying our old boxes.  The second worst thing is realizing no one else will want this stuff.  

Who knows whether or not we will ever go to Montana but if we do, I will get a new map.

Ginger and Cardoons

The ginger has sprouted the beginnings of a leaf stem.
It was planted in February.

The cardoon seeds are ready to travel.  I wonder if this is dangerous.

I Disappointed Myself

After the work I did during a recent workshop, I was ready to do something for Couleurs de Bretagne that would be vibrant, colourful, somehow courageous.  I prepared a chassis with stretched paper.  I took along a folding table, hoping to work standing up, with bold strokes.  The weather was not very encouraging but nevertheless I started in, wetting my paper, dropping in pigment, then the deluge fell and I picked up my work by the edge and let it all drain off.  I put it in the car on a plastic bag I was lucky to have along and put the table away in the trunk.
Persevering nevertheless, I refused to paint the gray that was in front of me.  I left out the crucifix since I find them grotesque.  I even had to use the windshield wipers and defrost to see my subject.  Jiggling my work on my knees, trying to keep an eye on the flowing puddles, I did contortions to get that tube of raw sienna there was no one to pass to me and where did I put that towel?  I don’t know how many years it will be before I can get contrast in my art work, all by myself, like a grown-up.  

This chapel belonged to the Lafayette family and probably most Americans have a soft spot for Lafayette since they teach us in school that he was our French friend that came over to help with our revolution and then went back to France for theirs.  I only really became aware yesterday that he was a wealthy aristocrat. The stories of history have been recounted with spin from so many directions, it’s hard to see any of it clearly.  I need to be wary of any source of prejudice, even while seeking a society without commanders, where all would be equitable, each one with an awakened conscience, working for Good.

A Week Away

This past week I enjoyed a “working vacation”, a watercolour workshop.  The purpose was to learn wet-in-wet techniques.  The theme was vegetables from the garden.

We began with some exercises.

A cabbage.  This was the first time I worked with paper stretched on a frame guided by someone familiar with that technique.


We made strips of paper painted with watercolour, using as many different textures as possible.  Then we did a collage representing an aspect of the still life of vegetables set up on the table.  We had chosen either warm or cool colours.

Then we did a painting based on our collage.

We worked on the spatial powers of colours, testing changes on the objects and the backgrounds.

We chose one to do as a painting.  This one may not be quite finished.

This is the teacher’s web site:

A Fold in Beauty

This is a reply by Michel Potay to a comment on his blog.  I found it so beautiful and inspiring that I have translated it so as to share it here.  He was replying to “a commentator who vehemently denied the power of Good and spiritual Beauty to conquer men’s acute spitefulness and untruthfulness.”


“…Yes, man can change, not only do I claim, but I speak from experience.

If you really believe in The Revelation of Arès, you can only believe in salvation through change, believe in the possibility of personal change and the changing of the world due to the sum of personal changes.

Penitence is self re-education and one that is possible!

With all that is included in self re-education, effort, tumbling and getting back up, tumbling and getting back up, tumbling and getting back up, until the moment when the distance covered after getting back up surpasses the distance tumbled and you then gain little by little in virtue, in penitence.  You can go quite far in this way.  However, from the very first efforts, in spite of tumbling and getting back up, your soul takes form, develops, the Father’s image and likeness reappears in you, because they are the fruits of continued effort, not of a level attained.  It is despondency which is impiety (The Revelation of Arès 13/8).

Of course, in the beginning, you must accept an axiom, that is to say a truth for you as yet improvable, a principle that you admit without discussion: From my penitence will come not only my salvation but also a part of the world’s salvation.

In other words, you must have faith, not only faith in The Revelation of Arès, which is only faith in words and ideas, but also faith in their achievement, therefore faith in your penitence.

But very quickly you will discover something very important, a facet of life with which you are not familiar.

Very quickly you will find that penitence concentrates all the beautiful fruits of life, already the present life here below, and you will also get an idea of the Life to come.  Here let us consider the fruits of the present life that you will discover.

First of all, freedom, because when you do not reply to a nasty remark with a nasty remark, to a lie with a lie, to a traitor with treachery, to a lost temper by losing your temper, to a partisan with a partisan reply, etc., you free yourself from the nasty person, the liar, the traitor, the angry person, the partisan, who you were following like a puppy by reacting tit for tat.  You will become conscious of your superiority over this world in servitude to its bad habits, its prejudice, which veil its intelligence.

Penitence is life minus nerves on edge due to the hardness of society, life minus nastiness, minus treachery, minus mockery, etc., which are reflexes imprinted on our nerves by surrounding culture.

The peace which will gradually take place within is a fold in Beauty (The Revelation of Arès 12/3) that you do not suspect is in your core being, your answer to the ugliness of reality at the same time as your return to the Creator’s image, Beauty and Goodness.

As your soul develops, you will see old fears receding from you, the fear of displeasing first, shyness which is the most frequent agent of your accord with evil.  You will see people differently, as beings to whom you no longer seek to resemble or please, a crowd in which you no longer seek to blend, you will discover that peace and happiness are not in the fusion with evil, but rather in your fearlessness full of goodness in face of evil of which you will finally become conscious… and conscious without fear.”

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