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May Day 2013

muguet 1 mai 2013

Happy May Day!

This year the lily of the valley has not opened yet but the buds are lovely with their promise of perfume soon to come. May Day has dawned as a gray day with a west northwest wind.  Temperature was 5.8°C upon arising.

Today is La Fête du Travail in France, like Labor Day.  Some of the politically inclined, led by unions, will march.  Most people hope for nice enough weather to have a cook-out.  If the day off can be managed into a long weekend, that’s even better.

Our Creator recommends that we work:

“for work is (a) good (thing) for the worker, and he gets reward for it.”  The Revelation of Arès 16/8

He does not approve of domination nor exploitation:

“Outside the wall the cruds lay down the women, the(ir) fire rake pulls the money (in), (they) eat the cream of earth; (they) cover My Hand (like) the cockroach, (they) swat (It); (they) hitch the people (like) the dogs.”  The Revelation of Arès xxxii/14


May we choose to practice love in all areas of our dally life, working for the Good of everyone in each thing we do.



The Place Where God Spoke


I am trying out the feature mentioned in a daily post challenge so as to embed a map.


This will give you an idea of where the events of 1974 and 1977 occurred, in France, west of Bordeaux.  Although one can benefit from praying in the chapel where the Creator and Jesus as messenger spoke, the most important thing is not to go there, but rather to realize the message in one’s heart and daily life.  The Revelation of Arès teaches that we can cause a new day to dawn, recreate the garden of Eden, by changing within, practicing love, forgiveness, peacemaking, being free from prejudice, awakening our spiritual intelligence.  This effort is called penitence but has nothing to do with punishment.  It is a joy to walk in the direction our Creator intended, radiating love, seeking Good.  I’m not saying I’m always full speed ahead, but this is my guiding light.  Even the smallest effort helps to make good contagious.  One day it will triumph.

A few words about my faith

Here are a few words about my faith in reply to a comment I received:

… I really wonder how you mix the coran and the bible in your daily life. What kind of worship does it create??? For example, do you pray and who? …

I believe in one God (the Creator, the Source-of-all-that-is) and that He speaks through His prophets. The most recent Message that I know of is The Revelation of Arès. I was very skeptical about it before reading it, but about halfway through it, I realized it is true. It shook up a lot of things I had believed previously. It revitalized my faith. In this Message, God refers to Muhammad as His messenger, therefore I began to read the Qur’an. It is from the same source, it is the same God who spoke through Adam, Azor, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, Elijah, Isaiah, Jesus, and today Mikal (to name some of the prophets). Many other prophets were called but did not fulfill their mission.

Yes, I pray, in the way redefined by The Revelation of Arès, which is to pronounce His Word in order to accomplish It. I read softly out loud from the Bible, the Qur’an and The Revelation of Arès, drinking in the Word, seeking to change within, so as to put my steps in line with God’s Steps.

The worship this creates is very personal, individual, even solitary.  It is the worship recommended by Jesus when he said to go into the upper room and pray.  At the same time, I am concerned about others; I try to remind them of what God has always said—be and do Good.  We can change the world if we change ourselves.

Liberating, Stimulating

…”The Revelation of Arès speaks to each human, to the individual and to his or her individuality; it urges him or her to set himself or herself free of the mediocrity of general beliefs and opinions, of prejudices, and get back to the free magnitudes.
There is no mass solution to evil. Evil will never be conquered but in each man’s heart.” …


If you read in French, you can also enjoy the comments and the replies to them: