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The movement inspired by the Revelation of Arès—a new religion?

Excerpt from Michel Potay’s free soul blog.

“…I find it simple and quite close to the truth to say that man should be free from all prejudice, because if he frees himself from prejudice, he acquires a freedom of thought which is a portal towards love of all mankind, forgiveness of all offenses, peace with all, and the heart’s intelligence (RA 32/5) which balances the nevertheless necessary intellectual intelligence. No, the Revelation of Arès does not lead to a religion, which is constrictive, no matter what.  The Revelation of Arès on the contrary is liberating.  That is why it is difficult to follow the paths between the valleys of practical reality with which our bodily life composes, at least a minimum, and the Holy Heights which will only be attained by future generations who will continue and better without ceasing, our individual work of penitence and the harvesting of penitents.

…The Revelation of Arès founds no religion, it does not prescribe any dogma, (the Word shall be purified from all glosses, RA 10/10), any ruler (living or dead, RA 16/11), any prayer (all the ways of praying or not praying are good, RA 25/6); it does not prescribe anything which characterizes a religion.  It prescribes only penitence and bearing witness to penitence.  It prescribes only love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence, the effort to free oneself from all prejudice in order to reflect with that intelligence.  I am a man of flesh (RA 17/7) and this flesh, my earthly envelope, obligates me to adopt a certain kind of life, and my mind (RA 17/7) has freely chosen penitence as the way of life capable of giving me a soul, which will be the doorway to my personal salvation, which will contribute to a general salvation (changed world RA 28/7).  That’s all.

You may say, “If that’s all, why this blog, why a pilgrimage, why And what you shall have written (RA 33/10)?  Leave mankind free to live and think as they wish.”  But, brother B., I leave them free to lead the life they desire, because I know they will themselves be saved only if they are penitents, people of Good, even without realizing it.  Lots of human beings better than me exist without a doubt.  Anyone can be saved in this way outside of the Revelation of Arès.

So, why this blog, why a pilgrimage, why And what you shall have written?  Because the Father assigns me a particular job, in addition to spreading His Word of Arès, which is to assemble a small remnant of penitents (RA 24/1) who do not consider themselves as better or more guaranteed of salvation than other human beings (RA 11/3) but who form a small human unit of volunteers specially devoted to the experience of the most active prophetic form through penitence and the harvesting of penitents.  I write and I preach for those volunteers to which I belong.

All of those who are attracted to this sort of collective experiment can join the small remnant which is also the conservator of the Revelation of Arès.  The small remnant is composed of what we call ripe heads of grain, attracted by or gifted for penitence and harvesting penitents, which does not mean, I insist, that they are better than other human beings, but that they follow a more formal Arèsian ideal, closer to the role of prophet.  Therefore they have missions, welcome centers, information centers with showcase windows, they are harvesters (missionaries) and have the perpetual concern to make known the Revelation of Arès, etc.  The purpose of the small remnant is not to convert but simply to find those who may be attracted due to their particular experiences, but since as they do this, they are obligated to spread the Revelation of Arès and explain its sense in order to discover the persons who see themselves in it as if in a mirror (the ripe heads of grain), they actively participate in its dissemination.  There is nothing more, no religion, only a strong spiritual current.  The small remnant wants to be a spiritual river which will widen and swell from many tributaries, even atheists.  Good is what the Creator hopes for his human creature. It is therefore our hope.”

Translated by djd from a reply to a comment:

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A Pea Experiment

I set a few peas to sprout, soaking them overnight and then rinsing them regularly in a strainer. It only took about 3 days. Then I potted them up in compost. After a week they had grown amazingly with roots even starting to come out the drainage holes. Now they are out in the greenhouse. We shall see, this is the first time I have tried this.

peas 1 peas 2





Wild Animals Must Have Gotten Them

gone grapes 2

I guess they would have been ripe today since this is how I found our grapes yesterday.  I had been keeping an eye on them for weeks, tasting one every once in a while to see if they were ripe.  That is one way to appreciate the expression “sour grapes”.  The last time I thought “pretty soon now”.  I should have known better after our experience with a red currant bush in the very beginnings of our gardening.  It was fully laden with beautiful shining red jewels.  “Tomorrow we will pick them,” announced my husband.  The next day there was not one berry to be seen.  The birds had totally stripped the bush.

I am disappointed beyond just a few bunches of grapes which can be had at the store.  This vine was given to me by my father-in-law who lived in the south of France.  He carefully chose this variety that ripened the earliest in his garden in hopes that it would bear in the Breton climate.  It was exceptional this year that several bunches had formed.  Oh well.  No use crying over stripped grapes.

A Few Thoughts About Current Events

Today’s principle seems to be “kill the killers”  but if we follow through on that, won’t we have to kill ourselves?  Aren’t we killing a part of ourselves every time another human being is killed?  We are all part of humanity, made up of creatures to which were given specific divine gifts, a spiritual nature.  We are at a time of crisis in the history of humanity for we risk losing this nature since it needs Good to thrive.

The Middle East today seems to be some horrific type of men’s playpen where they get out all their war toys and see what they can do.  Everyday it seems another country has joined the “game”.

“A search for belonging, purpose, adventure and friendship appear to remain the main reasons for people to join the Islamic State, just as they remain the least-addressed issues in the international fight against terrorism,” the report states. (report prepared by the Soufan Group.)–posing-terror-threat-as-they-begin-to-return-home-024340770.html

Surely we could find ways of meeting these needs of our fellow human beings other than going off to war.

A minor detail perhaps, but I have not heard anyone mention the effects on the environment of all these bombs, all that ammunition, even just in the streets of Paris.  Do they clean that up?  Do they count on the rain to wash it away?  But there is no “away”.

Why do they “explode” the terrorists?  How can we find out why they did such a thing if they can no longer talk?  How can they come to their senses and express regrets, perhaps dissuading others from doing such things if they are no longer among the living?

I would so much rather see random acts of kindness than random acts of violence.  We must stop this never ending cycle of revenge.