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Happy May Day

muguet 2016


It looks like we will have to wait for the lilies of the valley this year.



pen shopping

I went into an office supply store to look at pens.  I may use some tangling techniques this summer and don’t want to run out of ink in the middle of something for a contest.  It was a lot of fun in October (inktober) using ink with pen and nib but sometimes it was awkward.  The Bleu de Prusse ink was especially a bother, it seems to be a bit thick but I don’t know if it is a good idea to water down the whole bottle.  I wondered if there was something like a cartridge pen that one can fill with bottled ink.  I saw nothing like that in the store I went into the other day, but since then have seen via Internet that such a thing does exist.  Would that leak in a purse or pocket?

I fell for this cute little turquoise pen and bought refills for it, but even though it says “turquoise” in two (or maybe four) of the languages on the box, the box is printed in turquoise and the pen itself is turquoise right down to the underside of the tip, it does not write in turquoise. Bummer.

not turquoise ink

Some Other Artwork

Embrouillé libre 10" square pigment liner

Embrouillé libre 10″ square
pigment liner

This was inspired by Ina’s blog and facebook group.  I threw a piece of yarn onto the paper, traced around it to get the beginning, and then filled in with various designs.


variations of 1 motif on an A4 sheet cartridge pen with blue ink

variations of 1 motif
on an A4 sheet
cartridge pen with blue ink

This one was an experiment with using one motif while varying the density and angles.  The base was given in the fb group.