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Like Stone Soup


like stone soup


I went out in the garden and dug up some old stuff, chopped it into pieces and put it on to boil.  There were leeks, chou rave, a parsnip.  I added carrots from the bottom of the refrigerator.  There was an extra parsley plant but I was afraid to put in the whole thing in case it was overwhelming so I used the roots and just a few leaves.  Already I wasn’t sure about this mixture.  I decided to add some kasha.  That smelled a bit strange.  When it was mushy, I whizzed it with the “zoomer” (a hand-held blender).  With some trepidation, I tasted and it wasn’t too bad.  As I turned it around on my tongue, it seemed to need something else but what?  Maybe some butter?  My husband found some crème fraîche in the refrigerator.  Bingo.

This is a difficult time for me in the vegetable garden.  Out with the old must be accomplished so as to then bring in the new.  It requires decisions, action and the girding of loins.  This could be metaphoric of life in general.  Would the crème fraîche be our spiritual nature?  That is what makes us something more  than just the physical, of the earth, a thinking animal.  If we do the work, make the changes, we can even conquer death.


“(When facing) death (and) hunger man’s tongue hangs down, his chin trembles; (but if like) the veprell he holds (to) My Lip, (he becomes) the brother, (he) drinks the Fat Water–It Which does not dry up–, (the brother) flies high (over) the grave.”

The Revelation of Arès xxii/15-16


Why Are We Surprised by Random Shootings?

Standing in line at the cash register my eyes fell upon the cover of a TV schedule magazine, vaunting a show or series about murder, promising humor and suspense.  It really hit me then that murder has become entertainment.  I had previously recognized its presence in books with the excuse to hone our deductive reasoning.  It should have come as no surprise I suppose.

Our Creator has been advising us for thousands of years on how to recreate a paradise.  One guideline is that we not kill each other.  How far have we fallen when killing serves for fun?

Scanning news articles, I am saddened by all the suffering we inflict upon each other.  Our Creator is aware of all the acts, all over the world, nothing in comparison with the few I see related.

“So the impenitent masses will meet perdition, who century after century keep on believing that deathtime is farther away than it actually is, (and so) keep on deferring to the next day giving up vanity, and the penitents’ prayers will be barely enough to warm the bones of the impenitent in the freezing darkness.

However great your sadness may be at their perdition, it cannot match Mine at the sight of My Children’s doom.

You shall not be so proud as to think that you are the Seed in considering yourself responsible for their doom; you shall not let your heart dim from conceited contrition; you would gravely sin in My Eyes if you lost your peace and courage in this way.”

The Revelation of Arès 13/4-6


Moping about the state of the world will do no good, only change will help, changing ourselves within, practicing love, compassion, forgiveness, making peace, seeking Goodness, what The Revelation of Arès calls “penitence” which is a joy for the one who has decided to change.


bank looking west

The joy of weeding and pruning the outside garden also

 bank looking east


KAS Squares

squares april 2013


Some squares I have made for the KAS project.  You can read about it here:

I like this project for several reasons.  It is a cooperative one and uses up materials that would otherwise languish around my home instead of doing someone good.


April 11, 2013

This evening I heard swallows and then saw two of them.  🙂

Three Forms

Three Forms24x36cm

Three Forms

Gardening and Climbing

I decided to work in the back area where I have a wild bed.  This bed was originally sown with a packet of seeds marked annuals for butterflies and bees.  A lot of oregano grew.  People gave me a lavatère and a cognassier.  Daffodils and primroses volunteer.  Also the prunus sends up shoots everywhere.  Ivy and brambles attempt to intrude.  Nettles prosper.  It needed some attention.


wild bed before

Wild bed before

It will need more than one session.

 wild bed after 1

Wild bed after 1

The weather was a bit cold and windy, but sunny and dry.  Perfect for checking out the view from above.


up in tree 4 13