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Brave Christmas Rose

Hellebore blooming   I was shocked by what I heard on the news this morning via one of our local radio stations (I thought they were more or less independent but now I realize they go right along with the system).  They informed us that measures of heightened security will be taken at the Breton […]

Inktober 18-22, 2016


The Main Idea

If you are in Arès during the August session of the pilgrimage, you can find a man who organizes an expressive arts workshop, very laid back, very open with an Arèsian theme. He furnishes art supplies and all are welcome. You can see some of his work here: http://mondechange.blogspirit.com/

My husband and I participated one morning. I decided to do a bit of graphics with the words that sum up the main idea of penitence– love, peace, forgiveness. (There is also freedom from prejudice, judgment, and spiritual intelligence, but it would have been hard to fit all that on the 21x14cm paper.)

ampp graphics

If I keep these words ever present in the back of my mind, they help me change and to change my actions which will change the world.

My husband does not usually do art work. Here is what he did:

l ile bleue

“L’Ile bleue”, the Blue Island (RA xiv/13)

From the notes in the bilingual English-French edition of The Revelation of Arès, here is an explanation of what the Blue Island represents. “The supreme, ultimate refuge of the just man in contrast to the dry island, his temporary earthly refuge. The Blue Island refers to the abode of the souls waiting for Eden to be gradually restored by good men and for God’s Day to make that restoration complete.”

If we practice love, peace-making, forgiveness, freedom from prejudice, developing our spiritual intelligence, we will get to that Blue Island which for the moment seems to be a Utopia, very far off.

Made in the Shade

Chêne place du 8 mai Arès

A hot day, what better place to be  than on a bench under oak trees near the shore?  I tried out something a friend had given me called Inktense, rather like a pastel stick but watercolour pigment.

Mandala and Seascapes

Mandala xxiii 10" square

Mandala xxiii
10″ square


Port ostreicole IIA 36x28cm

Port ostreicole IIA


Port ostreicole IIB 36x28cm

Port ostreicole IIB



A Moment of Peace

sunset arès 2013

A view from Arès where our Creator spoke.



The Place Where God Spoke


I am trying out the feature mentioned in a daily post challenge so as to embed a map.


This will give you an idea of where the events of 1974 and 1977 occurred, in France, west of Bordeaux.  Although one can benefit from praying in the chapel where the Creator and Jesus as messenger spoke, the most important thing is not to go there, but rather to realize the message in one’s heart and daily life.  The Revelation of Arès teaches that we can cause a new day to dawn, recreate the garden of Eden, by changing within, practicing love, forgiveness, peacemaking, being free from prejudice, awakening our spiritual intelligence.  This effort is called penitence but has nothing to do with punishment.  It is a joy to walk in the direction our Creator intended, radiating love, seeking Good.  I’m not saying I’m always full speed ahead, but this is my guiding light.  Even the smallest effort helps to make good contagious.  One day it will triumph.

The Great Escape


This past week I had the privilege of participating in an informal get-together type of workshop organized by an art teacher. He supplied all the materials and chose a theme which was “s’évader par les toits de la prison du monde”. Translation: escaping by the roofs from worldly prisons. This theme is from the following blog entry: http://www.freesoulblog.net/jKI/jKIuv.html

In this workshop, each one represents this (or any other image from The Revelation of Arès) as he or she sees fit.

Here is what I did:

évasion des prisons

1 2

3 4


1-my first idea, thinking how people undid the roof to lower a person to be healed by Jesus, how we can find the way out through prayer, how we can help each other.

2-thinking of different types of lives, different cultures which we must transcend, the need for links between us and the Creator.

3-the choice is ours, with the Creator’s Word we can re-create Eden or else continue on our current path to destruction.

4-a couple of escapees.

Since then, I have had a few lines from a song running through my mind—“up the ladder to the roof, where we can see heaven much better…………” (I will do an audio comment. I don’t know how to get a sound file in a blog otherwise.)

In Arès at the House of the Saint’s Word, prayer is in the early evening, except for Friday. As I have been fasting during the day during this time of Ramadan, I noticed parallel longings, the longing toward evening for physical food and also a longing for the time of prayer since that was the purpose of my going to Arès. I would like to transpose the physical one into a longing for the things of God. In The Revelation of Arès, we learn that true prayer is to pronounce the Creator’s Word so as to accomplish It. Doing this on the very spot where It was given is quite powerful.

Imagine you were to go to the place of the burning bush that Moses saw and say “I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might and my neighbour as myself. (If you’re an atheist, never mind the God part, He knows why some have been scandalized). ‘Course then you have to do it.

Don’t forget to read the linked blog, it is rich.

Picture Perfect : Book Title

“The Revelation of Arès”

This is the chapel where the theophanies took place,
a very small building, but a Message of import for all humanity.

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This image has not been manipulated in any way, only downsized.

Picture Perfect: Everyday Thanks

For some unfathomable reason, the Creator seems to be keen on His human creatures.  He talks to them what must be everyday on His scale (1000 years, give or take a few).  I am thankful for this as it gives me hope, since He still has hope that we will realize our divine nature.  Pronouncing His Word with the desire to accomplish it, most everyday, gives me the strength and courage to try to change myself.  I may not get very far down the road, but at least I know in which direction to go.  This is my everyday thanks which also includes all the many blessings I receive and helps me see there is a way out of the rest.

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(shown are The Tanakh-the new Jewish translation of the Old Testament in English, The Message-a translation of the New Testament in modern English, the Qur’an in modern English and The Revelation of Arès-bilingual French and English)