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Don't forget the Water

Here is one of my recent watercolours. I’m pretty happy with this one. It is from a photo I took at Arès and reminds me of a passage in The Revelation of Arès which I will include below. It is a reminder not to forget the most important, our Source.


1. I leave another parable to you :

A shipwright on his scaffold

built a fine ship

in accordance with the teacher’s instruction.

2. The ship was perfect

ready to slide down on the slips,

but the shipwright noticed that the ground was parched around them wherever his eyes could see

3. He thought, ” How will I float my ship

when the time comes for me to board it ? “

He recalled disregarding the (true) Teacher’s ultimate advice ;

he prayed to the King, ” (As you) see, Lord, my ship is in readiness, fit to join your Fleet,

but I took so great care in building it,

I took so great pride in it,

that I forgot that I was the master of wood,

but not the master of the Water in which it could float , and my ship will

soon be drying up in the sun.”

4. The King gave heed to his humbleness,

acceded to his repentance,

made the heavens’ clouds burst and a Flood fall from them,

which formed a Sea

in Which the ship floated.

The day when the shipwright had to make way under sail

he was able to join the King’s Fleet.

5. Let no one disregard the Water

without Which the very best built ark

cannot come into Life,

is no more useful than the scaffold

that permitted (the shipwright) to raise it patiently, and then along with

the scaffold it sinks into the ground

where it and its sail rot away.

Pep’, Vim and Vigor

Put some colour in your life. Cook up a mess of peppers in olive oil with garlic. Add chopped parsley and serve.

Here is a current photo of the roadside bed. The season is earlier this year. Compare with last year.

Now I need to get out there and get to work!

March 08, 2007

In honor of Women’s Day, I thought I would give a little idea of what “The Revelation of Arès” has to say about women.

The Creator calls for us to recognize the qualities of women.

9/5 Everywhere (you shall) secure women ‘s creditable positions !

He explains our aging. Humans were actually meant to live for 1000 years and still have all their teeth.

XXIV/9. The brother puts the star in My Hand; (then) he can hear the rock,

he runs (al)on(g) his (own) arm (for) a thousand years.

XXX/7. (If) My Hand (and) his hand (together) hold the hoe,

man is a thousand years old, (and) can still bite.

He warns against misconduct.

9/6a. But (you shall) warn them against sacrilegious adultery and immodesty in which they lose their Life,

He considers us to be human beings same as men, just a different model.

XLVI/1. Your brothers with arms (or) with haws

He appreciates our generous loving hearts.

9/1b …Besides, many women have wept for Me.

XXVII/13. Woman (has) peace. Between the teeth (of woman) the Word flows, the sun comes down (from) her breast ;

The image above illustrates this verse. It was done by an artist in New Zealand, chalk on sidewalk.


Now with more links (Thursday morning)

I thought I was being terribly adventurous and creative by making a vest composed of bands of hairpin lace and some crochet motifs but it pales in comparison to what others are up to. One blog leads to another and yesterday, I happened upon one of a very creative person which led me to this site:

So I will be scrumbling on to finish that vest.

Designer Jeans

All patched up and ready to go.
A few rays of sun, garden, here I come!

Sometimes Joy is Hard to Bear

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We got a message on our answering machine from our 3-year-old grandson.

Okay, so his dad was doing a “repeat after me”, but still!!!

He said,” Hey! Pépé and Granny. I love you. Have a good day. Call me back. Bye!”

I’m afraid when we see them next, I won’t be able to make myself go back home…

Already, the last time, when we had to say goodbye, I had to rush abruptly out of the restaurant where we were having lunch.

Windshield Wiper Wednesday

It is surprising how often it rains on a Wednesday. I notice this because I drive about 50 km to rehearse with a women’s choir each Wednesday evening. Once my wiper conked out on me, half-way home. You know that translucent stuff with a little pattern in it they use for shower stalls? Now, imagine trying to drive, looking through that.

Before going out, I tried a version of the recipe that Lesa posted. I say a version because I used turkey cutlets instead of chicken and put mascarpone in the middle with sage, salt, pepper, and a smashed clove of garlic. I had a bit of grated cheese but I forgot to put in the breading so I put that in with the left-over egg to which I added the breadcrumbs that had already touched the meat. That’s what those little things are. It turned out really good.