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The Key to Good in the World

In His immense Wisdom, with The Revelation of Arès, the Father gives us a very simple key: penitence, to unlock the door that will permit Good to enter the world.  Perhaps we do not insist enough on this simplicity as realization of His Design.  Mankind expects the complications and obscurities of the legal system—laws are the base of the legal system and there are so many, even jurists are becoming lost.  Man has in his heart, in love, the code which enables him to put away in a closet all legal codes.

We must awaken love, make a hole in the indifference, coldness, laziness, ice…prelude to frozen specters…so that Good, too far removed, may return.  What has man become?  Not only condemned to die—each of us is, only the moment of execution varies—but miserable, hungry for peace and happiness yet incapable of giving himself that peace and happiness.  Everything becomes quite complicated in this world, so much so that this complication agitates and derails the mind, prevents the fulfillment so necessary to happiness.  I was having lunch a short while ago with my grandchildren and I said to myself: they are preparing their baccalaureate exams, soon they will enter institutions of higher education, and the worries of life will begin.  The preparation of peace, the solution to the worries, is in the love they will give, because one only receives love if one gives love.

excerpt from  http://michelpotayblog.net/182.html/182SeindAbraham-comments-french.html

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…people no longer know what justice and happiness is

“…people no longer know what justice and happiness is.  They don’t understand that happiness depends only on themselves.  If they expect a good world, they must begin by being good themselves.  They must understand that happiness depends only on themselves and not on an ideology or laws…  You want happiness?  You are the master of the situation!  Start practicing love, peace making. thinking with intelligence free from prejudice, and you will begin to change the world.  Another world?  It is our job!  It is not the job of politicians, intellectuals.  At the end of the day, we are the only masters of the game…”

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Brave Cyclamen

brave cyclamen

Come wind, rain, hail (haven’t seen much sun), this cyclamen has been blooming bravely for several months bringing a spot of cheer in our dreary weather.  Not bad for a spur of the moment purchase on sale at a supermarket.

Before clicking to post here, I was looking at the weather report (red alert for wind, waves and high water) and skimmed some comments people had made.  I was surprised to see some saying it is God punishing us.  I have read that the greater part of the French people are atheist.  I don’t believe that God intervenes in such a direct way as to send storms on the bad guys, but I do believe there are consequences, often random, all the way down the line resulting from our actions.  Another comment said we pay enough tax, we should be able to choose our weather.  People are losing confidence in the system and rightly so as it cannot provide the solution to our problems.  Only inner change, manifesting in our deeds and ways of being, can bring about a better world.

Things may look bad but I have hope, like this bright cyclamen.  I am counting on my fellow human beings to develop their divine nature, the one our Creator breathed into us.  This is the message given in The Revelation of Arès.