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The Spring Light

The walnut tree is not waiting any longer.  We have been having unusually warm weather. 

Things are getting dry even.

Random Thoughts and Notes v

After a bit of research, I found that collard greens in France are the cavalier vert type of cabbage.  I found some seeds at the store today.  Notice the package says it’s for animals.

Yes, I agree.  Yes, you are making some very good points.  Beep.  End of today’s anti-contrariness exercise.

I have said this before but each time it’s a shock—I don’t recognize that woman in the bathroom mirror.  It’s not just the wrinkles and different hair colour.  I think the shape of her face has changed, right down to the bone  “struckcha”.  They didn’t tell us about that in school.  We learned some about child development, that one became an adult at age 21 and then that was it.  There was nothing about jowls or flabby upper arms or bulbous noses.

Why do I expect to have learned everything in school?

At times I am so emotional I think I would cry at my own funeral except that I hope to be cremated.

The following thought has been deleted by the author.  Or was it the preceding one?  It was only half-formed, never materialized, aborted before it came to anything.  Je déblatère.  Eh, oui.  A lovely word « déblatérer » for saying to run off at the mouth.  Blatte=cockroach.  Getting rid of cockroaches?

I happened to think I can’t remember the last doughnut I ate.  I’m not even hungry for them any more.  I wondered if I had known it would the last one, would I have eaten two?  Only ½?  None?  What is this rejection of a middle balanced place, this constant seeking of extremes?

Now I know that what we eat cannot save us on the absolute level; Jesus did say it’s not what you put in your mouth, it’s what comes out of it that’s important.  However, reflecting on the degeneration of the human race which has been ongoing since Adam (yes, Methuselah really did live 9 hundred something of our regular years and not moons or seasons as was suggested in Sunday school because no one talks about how our behaviour has influenced the whole of humanity) I wonder if we have not lost our intuition even on this basic level.  There is a tendency to a sort of worship of tradition, taking it to be truth, but this has not led us to any semblance of the garden of Eden.  Many of us are not even in very good health.

I have no conclusion so this will randomly end here.

Exhibit with Carding and Spinning Demonstration

Some time ago as we minded an art exhibit I watched my friend Maria as she used her spinning wheel.  I didn’t think to film even though I was fascinated by her expertise which I witnessed especially in the gesture she uses when adding wool to the thread.  She is aware of each fiber.

This week she gave a demonstration to a group of people who study French and English.  I was happy to be able to attend and try using the video function on our camera.  The movement I wanted to capture is at about the 6:05 moment.

She had a very nice exhibit set up including samples of wool, drawings of sheep, knitted items and more.  There were two identical sweaters except that one had been washed and the other not.  She prefers to spin unwashed wool.  The unwashed sweater was created for a Guinness record “from sheep to shoulder”.  Maria spun while 4 women knitted and in under 2 hours (1 hour, 55 minutes and some seconds) Maria was clothed in a new sweater.

One day Maria was struck by the beauty of some Virginia creeper which inspired her to make a scarf in those colours, dying the wool with onion skins.  Another day she saw a splendid caterpillar which she immediately captured by painting it; the ensuing sweater is magnificent.

I hope you enjoy this video.  I combined several “episodes” and some photos.

Coming soon

A blog entry with video is in preparation.